Getting injured doesn’t always happen the way you think it will.

Getting injured sucks hairy monkey balls, but getting injured without knowing what you did, sucks even more.

Some people say I’ve been lucky over the years, but I know that luck doesn’t come in to it, I strengthen my body correctly and I listen to it when it’s telling me I’m over doing it. And because of this I’ve never had a fitness related injury, any injuries I’ve had have come from doing something ordinary.

Like a few years ago I pulled a nerve in my back – getting a bag of sugar out of the cupboard! Yup, you read that correct. I had lifted some heavy ass deadlifts the day before, felt great the next day, then went to grab a bag of sugar from the top of a cupboard and wham! A nerve in my back went and I was out of action for about a week.

Last year a similar thing happened, but this time I was only in pain for a few days. I had worked out the day before, fine. Next day I was moving some light boxes and bam, a nerve in my back went!

The theme here though, is that any injuries I’ve had have come ‘after’ I have lifted weights. So my only conclusion is that my muscles were temporarily weakened and I put them in a weird position and they gave way.

Which is the only thing I can think of this time. I’ve somehow pulled a muscle in my lower back, which isn’t actually hurting. But it’s causing a pain in my neck which is agonising at times. I can feel a dull ache in my lower back, which is what I felt initially a few days ago, but it has crept up to my neck now and is causing me a banging headache too.

Again, this came the day after I had lifted weights and again can only be attributed to my muscles being weakened temporarily from working out. This time though I wasn’t even doing anything particular to pull a muscle etc. I just woke up with a sore back and then it graduated to my neck the next day.

I did my normal accessory day workout yesterday absolutely fine. I didn’t move overly fast and was careful when starting each movement and I completed things like chin ups, good mornings etc absolutely fine, so my back isn’t the issue somehow.

I’m not sure what’s up to be fair, but I’m taking it easy today as it would normally be deadlift and bench day and I’m not even going to attempt either with the pain I’m in. But if it doesn’t ease up within a few days I think a visit to a chiropractor will be in order, although I’m absolutely skint, I’ll have to find the money from somewhere.

Until next time…



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