Consistency means riding the highs and getting through the lows.

After what was my best week in this current routine last week by completing four workouts in a week, this week has been one of the worst, I only managed two workouts this week.

I don’t make excuses and don’t skip workouts unless I really need to. I’m honest enough with myself to know when I’m pushing myself too hard and this week has been a tough one with my delivery driving getting me up at 2:30am for three of the four delivery nights and I’ve just felt whacked all through the days whilst at work in my 2nd job.

I did a workout on Tuesday, not feeling too tired, but come Thursday after getting up at 2:30am for another two mornings and only getting 6hrs or less sleep each night, I felt really whacked and I decided it would be best to not tax my body any more than it already was from the lack of sleep and early starts.

For some reason my brain is just not tired enough to go to sleep before 9pm. I got into bed every night at 8pm and even though I felt tired enough to sleep, I still saw 9pm most nights.

I’ve tried to get into the habit of not having any screen lights once I’m in bed meaning my phone is on flight mode and I’m playing some quiet relaxation music and it does help me feel relaxed, just not sleepy relaxed lol.

Hey ho, it is what it is. I can’t do anything about it at the moment. The business I work for is still very small and I need to do two jobs whilst it grows. We do get temps in to cover when it’s really busy but they don’t know the job like I do, so I still need to work during the day time to show them what to do most days. So for the foreseeable future my days aren’t going to get any easier or less time wise, so I’ve just got to bide my time and do my workouts as and when I can and listen to my body and not over do it.

It hasn’t affected my goals so far as I’m still on track and tomorrow I’ll be squatting a set of weights which will be at 90% of my one rep max, which will be tough, but it’s time to move on with my workouts and I’ve dropped the reps on the main movements, squats, overhead presses and benches (deadlifts have never been more than five reps) and I’m upping the weights a little more than I have recently.

I’ve conditioned my body enough over the last few months with some lighter/intermediate weights and it should now be ready to start pushing on with the heavier weights again, starting tomorrow with some squats and overhead presses!

I’d really like to see all my numbers go up by the end of this year across all the main movements and to get there it’s time to push on now and start the slow grind upwards.

I’ll keep an eye on my eating as having dropped my calories by a few hundred a few weeks ago, I think I’ll need to up them again by a few hundred to ensure my body is getting enough fuel to build some muscle, get stronger and more importantly, recover between workouts.

Oh yes, here’s yesterdays workout I did:

Exercise Reps Weight in KG’s
Deadlift 5,5,5,5 87.5,107.5,117.5,127.5
Barbell Row 8,8,8 62.5,60,57.5
Incline Bench Press 5,5,5,5 61,68.5,73.5,78.5
Dumbbell Flye 10,10,10 16,13.5,11
Weighted Ring Dips 6,6,6 10,10,10

I upped the weight a little on some movements and especially on the ring dips. I felt good and strong on them so I’ll up the weight a little more next time too.

My incline bench press is starting to get back to a decent weight again, which is good as that is my weakest main lift. For some reason I just don’t like the standard flat bench press, so I never bother with that, I prefer to do the incline press and then the flat flyes, I love the way the flyes really stretch my pecs apart and then buuuuurn when I’m squeezing the weights back together again lol.

Anyways, that’s me for the night, time for bed, up at 2:30am tomorrow!

Until next time…



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