Four workouts in a week finally!

So, I finally managed to complete four workouts in a week last week, whoop!

Although I haven’t felt much more tired in between workouts so far this last week, I think I may well by the end of this current week as I’m up at 3am every day to do deliveries!

And that along with doing a workout every other day I think will mean I’m whacked by the end of the week, hey ho.

I’ve got all my heavy set weights to around 85% of my old one rep maxes, so I’m going to leave them there for a couple of weeks or so and just increase the reps instead.

That should mean I’m not overly taxing my body but still pushing it enough to encourage growth. Which I know is happening anyway as I can see and feel the changes in the mirror and wearing certain clothing.

Anyway, below is Sunday’s workout I did after rushing around at work trying to get it all done, to rush home to watch the footy, then workout, then have some dinner in time for bed at 9pm to get up at 3:30am this morning!

Seems I’m not having to compromise as much as I thought, so far anyway lol.

Exercise Reps Weight in KG’s
Barbell Squat 78.5,117.5,107.5,97.5
Barbell Glute Bridge 10,11,11 114.5,104.5,99.5
Overhead Press 7,6,7,6 37.5,55,52.5,50
Barbell Rear Delt Row 9,9,9 46.5,44,41.5
Dumbbell Side Raise 11,11,11 10,9,8

Right, that’s me done, off to bed at 8pm as I’m up even earlier tomorrow, 2:45am, egads!!

Until next time…



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