End of the week review – 27.03.16

So this week has been a good week exercise wise in that I’m feeling much stronger, not that I was feeling particularly weak before I started lifting more consistently again, but in comparison to where I was at just three weeks ago, I’m definitely feeling stronger.

Yet again though I only managed to do three workouts during a week. This week was supposed to be four workouts just like two weeks ago, but I took an extra days rests during the week and therefore I only got three workouts in.

It’s not a biggy at the moment, as I’m feeling stronger and I can feel that my body is changing shape, but next week now definitely needs to be a four day workout week!

I’ve been logging my eating as always…

27.03.16 Food

This week yet again I didn’t hit my calorie goals every single day, but I got close on more days this week, so it’s an improvement, but I decided to go back over my calorie goal and I think that it was a little higher than it needed to be at 2,750 calories a day, so I’ve reduced my required intake down to 2.670 per day and when I look at the stats for this week it becomes quite interesting (from my point of view lol).

My average daily intake for the last seven days was 2,687 calories per day, which is down on my previous daily target but is actually just over my new target.

Then when I look at the macro nutrient breakdown of this last week too:

Average protein intake for the last 7 days = 157 grams per day

Average fat intake for the last 7 days = 101 grams per day

Average carbohydrate intake for the last 7 days = 296 grams per day

The figures are pretty damn close to where the need to be. I’ve done a quick comparison based on my new target calories with what I’ve actually eaten this week and it shows that I’m really close to my target, or certainly as close as I can hope for:

ScreenHunter_19 Mar. 27 16.34

I’m slightly higher on my fat intake across the week than I should be, which is easy enough to reduce as my junk food adds to that tally quite a bit, so I’ll simply reduce the junk I eat by a little and then the rest is almost bang on.

In fact looking at what I ate this week junk food wise, I did go a little over board on Thursday night/Friday day time, so I know that I can reduce my fat intake for next week for sure.

I know that calorie counting isn’t an exact science as there are so many variables to take into account, the manufacturers errors plus mine too, but even so I know I’m on the right path because my body measurements say so.

I didn’t take anything other than my scale weight, waist and chest measurements this week, as I normally do a full body plus body fat measurement once a month.

ScreenHunter_20 Mar. 27 16.40

In just two weeks my scale weight has increased by 2.6 kgs but my waist has decreased by 0.25 inches and my chest by 0.5 inches.

Now, I’m not too bothered about my chest decreasing as I know I’ve gotten stronger on the upper body movements and as my waist has decreased again then it shows I’ve lost body fat.

But the big increase in scale weight in just two weeks, shows quite clearly that I’ve got my eating and workouts bang on for muscle growth. Well I say bang on, I don’t know for definite that my other muscles have grown, but the quick pose I did in front of the mirror the other day says that is the case, and like I said I feel bigger now too.

Well, the scale weight could of course be fat increase on my ass or another appendage, but I’ve not noticed being bigger than normal pmsl.

Comparing stats gives me a lot of satisfaction, other than how I actually feel. Simply because it’s proof that what I’ve been doing is really working. My ego could make me feel stronger from simple chemicals my brain gives out during and after my workouts, but the stats don’t lie and they say I’m heading the right direction, which is sweet.

If I step it up these next two weeks coming, I should see some good improvements both strength wise and stats wise. I just need to make sure I stay bang on with my eating and ensure I get enough sleep to recover, which is something I need to work on the most.

Despite my workouts really whacking me, my brain just doesn’t want to go to sleep when my body does.

I’m going to try reading about some stuff that I know nothing about, see if learning something new tires it out at all. Not that I can think of something I can read about that interests me but that I don’t already read something about at least once a week.

I think maybe some long-form writing is in order, perhaps a book. I’ve got a fair few I’ve been meaning to read, some about self development, others about business and even though a subject/book might really interest me, I always seem to fall a sleep at some point reading an actual real life book.

Aha, that’s it isn’t it, it’s because I read from a screen and the artificial light is keeping my brain awake!

No, don’t be silly Mike, it’s not even been proven that screen watching has an effect on sleep……… oh wait.

Yeah, that’s definitely something I need to work on these next few weeks, making sure I’m not starting at a screen for too long the last few hours before bed!

Until next time…



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