When things aren’t going how you want, go lift some heavy shit!

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the years, it’s that having something to fall back on when things aren’t going as planned can make the difference between getting through something and not.

For me that fall back has generally always been exercise, or specifically lifting weights.

I’m not going to go into details tonight as my mind has cleared since starting this post earlier this afternoon. But suffice to say I’m really struggling with my job at the moment, knowing that I want to be doing something else , but that if I stay and help get the company through this early start up stage that I could end up doing something that I enjoy.

Anyway, my mind being so distracted by my day job has really been effecting my moods in the evenings and it makes it really hard to motivate myself to do anything other than exercise.

Thankfully I’ve ingrained exercise into myself so much that I even when I’m pretty low I know that as long as I get into my workout gear and put on some music, I will end up completing a workout and feel better, at least for a short period anyway.

Here’s what I ended up doing today despite not wanting to:

Exercise Reps Weight in KG’s
Deadlift 5,5,5,5 82.5,102.5,112.5,122.5
Barbell Row 8,8,8 47.5,52.5,57.5
Incline Bench Press 5,5,5,5 57.5,65,70,75
Dumbbell Flye 8,8,8 11,13.5,16
Weighted Ring Dips 6,6,6 4,5,6

As always once I had actually started lifting and allowed the music I was listening to to work it’s magic I felt great, my mind had forgotten about what I was thinking about and I just got lost in the moment of lifting weights.

The next thing I knew I was finished and an hour had passed. It was a tough workout, as I lacked sleep last night having only got 6hrs, which I felt towards the end of the workout, I was pretty whacked doing the weighted ring dips, especially as I upped the weight on them, but I had enough in the tank to bust them all out.

I’m going to leave the weights the same on all the movements for the next workout as although I completed all the reps on everything, I just feel that my eating hasn’t been good enough this week and neither has my recovery, so my body won’t be getting as strong as it should be from this weeks lifting.

Not to mention I should’ve done todays workout yesterday, so I’ve not got a rest day tomorrow as I need to get some squats and overhead presses in tomorrow, hey ho, decent sleep tonight and tomorrow and I’ll be good.

I’ll pop a post up about this weeks eating tomorrow, once I’ve completed my diary, but I already know I’m going to be off my target for the week, but by how much I don’t know yet. I’m really finding it hard to eat the amounts I need to on my days off, being less active I’m just not getting hungry during the day time.

Anyway, we’ll see tomorrow what the damage has been this week, either way I know that next week and from now on it’s got to get better otherwise I won’t be getting any stronger and my workouts will be a waste.

It’s good that I’m getting the consistency back by working our regularly and I can feel myself getting stronger, my muscles are getting back to their size from last year again and I just feel more confident in myself once again.

It’s funny when I read various different health and fitness articles/blogs etc on the internet, and soooo many people seem to make out how easy and plain sailing being healthy is.

Not many people seem to want to write about the difficult times or about how hard it can be. Not that it’s something I specifically write about, as most of my posts are just my random thoughts put down in writing, but when I do feel like writing something that isn’t just my ego becoming words, I at least feel like it needs to be real and honest and not sugar coated and fluffy to make out things are easier than they really are.

Anyway, bed time soon, those deadlifts have really whacked me this evening, I’ve not even got enough energy to touch my girl or myself this evening.

deadpool sexy time

Until next time…




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