When you don’t feel like it, you should do it anyway.

Today was one of those days. I got home from a day at work and just felt meh. I felt heavy, thick and lethargic. For me this usually means I’ve been pushing myself too hard exercise wise and not been eating enough.

However, today I knew it wasn’t either not eating enough or exercising too much. Perhaps if it was six weeks down the line into my new routine I’d think maybe I’d been exercising too much and my body needed a rest, but I’m barely 3 weeks into it.

I think today was more mental than physical. My body has a few aching muscles, but I can cope with that and in a strange way I actually enjoy my muscles aching as it makes me feel strong.

Today was a taxing day for me mentally I think as I was thinking about my future job wise pretty much all day. The main issue with working on your own for the majority of the day is you get a lot of time to think to yourself and today was just one of those days I couldn’t get away from thinking about delivery driving full time and just wanting to get away from working where I am now making cold pressed juices all day.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the job but it’s not what I want to do long term and because I was in a strange mood, that just played on my mind all day.

Anyway, suffice to say I really didn’t feel like working out when I got home. All the time I was cycling home I kept saying to myself I’ll do it tomorrow and then cram in two workouts back to back at the weekend.

But by the time I got home, my better side of me had taken control and made me realise how stupid that would be and so I got changed into my workout clothes, went for a poop and then just turned on my music and went for it.

Here’s what I did today:

Exercise Reps Weight in KG’s
Chin Up 8,8,8,6 4,3,2,1
Dumbbell Lunge 12,12,12 10,7.5,5
Overhead Tricep Press 12,12,12 12.5,10,7.5
Good Mornings 12,12,12 46,41,36
Dumbbell Curls 8.10.14 11,8.5,6

I managed to squeeze out an extra rep on each of the first two sets of the chins ups, but I think I pushed too hard as I couldn’t get the same 8 reps on the lightest set like I did last week, but that doesn’t matter, I got the heaviest sets, so I’m happy with that.

Everything else was pretty good, I’ll up the weight and drop the reps a little on all the other movements. And even though I upped the weight on the last set a little on the good mornings to 46kg’s that’s still a little light, so I’m going to add 2.5kg to all sets of those next week and that should start getting a bit more taxing, but I’m still a way from my weights of a last year, but then I’m working back up as I don’t want to do myself an injury.

A short entry tonight, up at 4am again tomorrow delivering some lovely cold pressed organic juices, freshly pressed by me!

Until next time…



One thought on “When you don’t feel like it, you should do it anyway.

  1. Caitlin 16/03/2016 / 11:35 pm

    This is such a true post! With fitness and with life, its the key to success really with any goal.

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