A little off with the food, but I’ve been doing something right.

Although I’m about 2 weeks late in taking my measurements and weight etc, I did so this morning and was pleasantly surprised.

I last took them on the 31st Dec, so they’re a little over due, but as I’ve only recently been consistent with my eating and exercise I’ve not bothered taking any since. And therefore I wasn’t expecting them to be that different…

Weight Waist Chest L Thigh R Thigh Calves Calves Bodyfat
kgs inches inches inches inches inches inches %
31/12/2015 69 34.25 40 22.2 22.5 14 14.1 14.00
13/03/2016 70.5 33.75 41 22.75 23 14.1 14.25 13.00
Change +1.5 -0.5 +1 +0.55 +0.5 +0.1 +0.15 -1.5

I suppose I should’ve at least expected my weight to have gone up, seeing as though I’ve been lifting regularly again, but I wasn’t expecting a 1.5kg increase AND a 0.5 inch decrease of my waist.

It essentially means I’ve gained muscle and lost body fat, which seeing as though I’ve not got on top of my eating until the last week or so, is quite surprising really.

The second thing that has surprised me, but again really shouldn’t have, is my thigh growth. I guess all the cycling to work and back even though it’s only a 5 mile round trip has done them some good!

I’ve not taken my bodyfat measurements in years, but at the end of last year I though I’d start again and thankfully I managed to dig out my accu measure calipers and took a few readings, which I did again this morning. Low & behold I’ve dropped some body fat, whoop!

I think that now I’m back on a mission with a new routine that I’ll have to be much more consistent with my eating as I won’t build any muscle otherwise.

I think my changes are simply my body bouncing back to somewhere near where it was last year. The better eating and consistent lifting has enabled it to build back the muscle it lost and lose the body fat it had gained from not exercising and not decreasing my eating accordingly.

Anyhoo, my eating for this week is closer to where it needs to be, but not close enough yet:

Weekly Calories

I’m aiming to consume 2750 calories per day in a macro nutrient breakdown of 40/30/30, carbs, fat and protein.

As you can see above I didn’t get close to that this week with the calories and my macro nutrient breakdown ended up at 45/30/25 carbs, fat and protein, so I need to concentrate on having less carbs and more protein next week. Although I’m not too fussed about it as long as I balance it out over the months, each week won’t matter that much.

Anyhoo, that’s this post done for the night, up at 4am tomorrow for work then it’s home and squat day!

Until next time…



One thought on “A little off with the food, but I’ve been doing something right.

  1. Tifness 13/03/2016 / 10:23 pm

    well done on tracking your calories so well! i just started doing mine on my fitness pal. i’m cutting so really got to keep it together here! haha. http://www.tifness.com

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