Chin Ups and Good Mornings 10.03.16

Yesterdays workout wasn’t going to happen, as I had been sat down all day doing some spreadsheet stuff at work. By the time I got home mid afternoon I was so demotivated and lethargic, I just thought meh not gunna happen today.

But as normally happens (not always though) once I get changed into my fitness gear and put on some tunes, my brain sends out some funky drugs for my body to get energy from!

Within 10 minutes of getting changed and putting on my tunes I was ready to go, thanks brain!

This is what I did yesterday, which is what I call my assistance day. The movements are pretty much all accessories to my two other main workouts, but I do them in between the two main workouts as I’m normally too whacked from the compound lifts to do much else than I already do, plus I like to keep my workouts to around 45-55 mins, anything more and I get tired, but also bored lol.

Weight Chin Up 8,8,7,7 1kg,2kg,3kg,4kg
Dumbbell Static Lunge 12,10,10 5kg,7.5kg,10kg
Overhead Tricep Press 12,10,10 7.5kg,10kg,12.5kg
Barbell Good Mornings 12,10,8 31.5kg,36.5kg,41.5kg
Dumbbell Curls 14,12,10 5kg,7.5kg,10kg


So considering I wasn’t going to do the workout, I’m pretty chuffed with the end result.

On the chin ups I usually start with the heaviest weight I’m doing and then work my way down to the lightest weight for the last set. I think I remember doing 1 chin up with a 20kg weight last year sometime, but there’s no point trying that now, I’m lighter and weaker than last year, but it’ll come some time this year, I’ve no doubt about that.

The lunges, tricep presses and curls all had a few extra reps on the last two sets, so I’m going to add a little weight to them next time, but I’m leaving the chin ups the same for the next time as I only just got my chin over the bar on the last rep of the last set, so I think one more workout and then I’ll try for eight reps across all four sets.

I also added back into the accessory day some barbell good mornings. I forgot how much I enjoy doing them. I went quite light to kick things off as I didn’t want to pull anything, but all went well and the weight seemed quite light so I’ll up it by a few kg’s next time and see how it feels.

So one more workout this week and I’ll have done three workouts for the week, which is sweet, but nothing to get excited about, as until the end of May it’s a workout every other day.

I’ve finished putting together my plan for the coming three months and in total including this week, I’m aiming for 43 workouts for this stint.

Whether I hit that is another matter, but I’ve got the bit between my teeth again and it’s time to get my old strong body back and more, so the only thing stopping me will be illness or death, both of which I’m hopeful of avoiding pmsl.

I’ve worked out my calorie intake, which is probably the most interesting part for me this time round.

I mostly know how the lifting will go, because I’ve done it before, although come around mid April I will be lifting weights that I haven’t done before, but I’m ok with that.

The calories is most interesting this time round because I haven’t been as inactive during the day as I am now for almost 9 years.

Having worked outdoors for 7-8 years I obviously burnt a lot of calories and this was always my issue when it came to lifting. I just never really ate enough, nor did I want to spend the day shoving food down my neck, so this was partly one of the reasons what I didn’t get as big as I’ve always wanted to.

But now I’m in a less active job, I’ll need less food obviously and that means I should have more calories available for growing muscle. Well, either that or getting fat pmsl.

I’m going to be logging all my food on MyFitnessPal again too, which will allow me to track exactly what I’m eating, which in turn will allow me to make the neccesary adjustments if I’m feeling tired from the lack of food, or starting to put on too much body fat etc.

I’ll share the link to my logs in case anyone reading this fancies a nose at what I eat, but I’ll warn anyone reading now, that I eat the way I want to eat, foods I enjoy the most and foods that get the job done for me.

Basically what that means is that I in no way recommend that people eat the way I do, I hate vegetables, I hate most meals that other people eat and so I eat the way I like and the foods I like.

I prefer to get the nutrients that others get from vegetables from pills and juices rather than eat actual vegetables. Is that the healthiest choice, nope. Is it what makes me the happiest, fuck yeah!

And for me that is what’s most important when it comes to long term health and fitness, doing what makes you happiest.

If I come up against some health issues later down the line, then fine, I’ll deal with them if/when they crop up, but until then I’ll continue eating the things and the way that I enjoy the most.

What that doesn’t mean, is that I eat shit, because I don’t. I just don’t eat a lot of vegetables, because I hate the taste of them, end of.

Anyway, that’s enough of that, this was supposed to be a short post, so I’m fucking off.

Until next time…



4 thoughts on “Chin Ups and Good Mornings 10.03.16

  1. skatergrrrl 12/03/2016 / 2:59 pm

    Those weighted chin ups… where do you put the weights??
    As for vegetables and diet, I am very happy with my diet and I get sick of seeing dictatorial amateur fitness bloggers telling people they need to drink water and eat loads of protein and veg. I eat one big meal a day (for tea/dinner) which involves a huge slab of some protein (preferably the chicken/lamb variety) and two or three good dollops of veg, and most days I have a smoothie for lunch with two fruits in it (sometimes I have salmon or a pot noodle type thing, depends what I can be bothered to make/take), and I eat a LOT more sugar than I should because sometimes I just load up the cakes and chocolate. I have a milk allergy though so I’ve had to invent my own diet because most things have milk in (and dairy free chocolate is expensive). I take craptonnes of supplements because they’re amazing. If someone invented a pill with all my micro nutrients in, I’d have that and just eat whatever I felt like for the rest of the day!
    Those barbell good mornings are astounding! I’ve worked in some very physical jobs (when I was 21-23 I worked at McDonalds and at an ice rink, so I started the day doing 6-2 at McD’s and finished the day with 2:30-10:30pm at the ice rink, you’d think it was glamorous but it was mostly shovelling snow, fixing stuff and carrying injured kids off the ice, coaching took up maybe 2 hours of my day) and I’ve never been able to lift more than about 25kgs at my absolute best. I love how 41.5kg is like “I’m out of practice” for you lol. I would be well chuffed one day to be able to lift that much.

    • WeeManMike 12/03/2016 / 10:15 pm

      On the weighted chin ups and pull ups etc I have a weights belt that I wear around my waist and then it allows me to hang weights off of it. I’ll take a picture the next time I’m doing them for you to see what I mean! 🙂

      I’m so glad that you shared how you eat too! Yeah I also hate how a lot of fitness bloggers only ever talk about what I find boring foods, dry chicken, rice and broccoli (yeuk!). I love my sauces (home made as well as simple mayonnaise) and I find stereo typical healthy meals just boring!

      Thanks for the compliments on the good mornings, yeah I’m no strong man competitor in anyway, but I guess I’m pretty strong compared to a lot of people. My back has always been a strong point for me, I like doing back work, chin ups, deadlifts, rows, good mornings etc, whereas a lot of guys like doing stuff for the front of their body, bench press etc, as that’s what they see in the mirror. I guess since I don’t really look at myself in the mirror, I’m not that bothered lol. I do know that having a strong back can help with a lot of everyday life things and mine being strong has helped me a lot of times doing manual work (on the farm for instance) and I find that I tire far less quickly doing manual work than a lot of people because of that too.

      I’m sure that if you stick with the weights, that you’ll get stronger, in fact I have no doubt! Just make it fun and you’ll still be doing it in years to come! 🙂

      • skatergrrrl 22/03/2016 / 12:26 pm

        Yeah you’re right there is a disproportionate focus on front-building instead of back, but bad backs are a complete plague!
        Still having fun trying to build my triceps lmao.

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