When you’ve set goals in the past, but never really set them high enough.

So, after reading back on my post titled “My internal dialogue” I thought it was a little weird, even for me pmsl.

So I thought I’d shed some light as to why I posted it.

I got some inspiration from a blog post I read and I just felt amazing and HAD to put some things into action.

That action is something that I’ve done in the past, e.g setting goals, however, I’ve never been this fired up about a goal as I am now.

I’ve already written about changing goal setting into a game of leveling myself up this year, but even that hasn’t worked for me, and I’ve gone off the boil a bit with that.

But this, this now seems to be the thing that has got the spark reignited inside of me and fuck me am I excited!

As I said in yesterdays post I’m in the process of working out a 3 month routine, that I WILL stick to and by the end of it, will be only the 3rd or 4th time in the last 5 years that I will have managed a 3 month stint of this consistency.

Sure, something could go wrong along the way, but I’m going to be so fucking flexible and demanding of myself over the next 3 months that I can’t not succeed.

I pretty much know what I need to do exercise wise, food wise and rest wise. So it’s just a case of planning it all out on a spreadsheet and then doing it.

I’m going to plan everything to the letter. I’m working out when the footy is on TV, so that I can do my workouts before or on a different day if needed. If I can’t then I’m going to compromise and miss the match and go lift weights instead ….. which will be a first in my entire 18yrs+ of exercising.

Thinking back over those 18 years and I’ve NEVER missed a footy match. Aside from being at a funeral or a wedding, once for both. I’ve always been able to see or check the match as it happens somewhere, somehow.

But that changes from now on in. It’s not got me the body that I want, that I know I’ll be happiest with, so it’s time to put my body first for a change.

Not that I haven’t done over the years, but I’ve never got a body that I would look at on someone else and go, yeah he is really serious about weight lifting and so it’s time for that to change.

I’m not sure what has changed recently, but something within me wants me to go to the next level. Not that I’m talking about competing in anyway shape or form, but I know that there’s more left in me when it comes to weight lifting.

Whilst in the past I’ve been happy to never find out what that is, lately I’m finding myself think more about what I’m really capable of beyond what I’ve reached so far, so fuck it if, if you don’t try you’ll never know huh.

It should take me about 4 weeks to be at my strength levels that I peaked at in 2014, and then I’m hoping I can push past them and along with that will come some bigger size.

I like to do the main compound movements and then add some accessory movements to supplement them, so I’m not going to change anything for a while, what’s seen me right in the past should see me right for a while yet I think.

Something I’ve noted recently is how much less I’m having to eat due to not being as active during my day job.

Back on the farm is was eating around 3250 calories a day just to maintain the size and strength levels I reached, and yet now I’m looking at around 2750 calories, which is a big different when it comes to my weekly food bill!

Anyway, I’m working on the details and will post again about it all once I’m done.

On top of this fitness goal I’ve set myself, I’m also working on a financial goal, but that’s going to take a little longer to get down as it’s something I have really struggled with over the years, so I need to ask myself some deep and meaningful questions that I need to make sure that I really do answer truthfully.

This was going to include something to do with a business, but as I don’t really know what kind of business I want to have/own, I’m just going to make it about my personal finance. Getting out of debt and planning for a future where I don’t have any debt, which will be a first for me.

Anyhoo that’s enough of that. Up at 4am tomorrow so I need my sleep.

Until next time…




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