My internal dialogue for not being bigger and stronger.

So Mike, you want to be bigger and stronger huh?

Yup, I like the way my body looks, but I’ve always wanted to have much bigger muscles than I currently have and to really look like I lift weights, even with my clothes on!

OK, well that’s a great goal to have if that’s what makes you happy.

Well, I don’t know if it’ll make me happy, but it’s something that I’ve always wanted to work towards.

So why haven’t you done it yet?

Well, up until recently I worked on a farm and was pretty tired most days with the current level of exercise I did and I never thought I could take it up a notch.

OK, so is it still the same situation now?

Well, it’s kind of worse I guess, in that I’ve got a new job with different hours, although it is much less physically demanding.

OK, so let’s go over some questions. Do you know what kind of exercises you need to do and how often.


OK, so do you know what kind of foods you need eat and how much?

Again, yup.

OK, so why aren’t you going for it then and building bigger muscles?

Well, I’d want to lift weights 4 times a week and I don’t feel like I have enough time to do it.

Oh right, well how much time does it take to do a workout?

I’ve got a routine that takes about 60 minutes complete.

And you can’t find time in a week to do four 60 minute workouts?

Umm, yeah ok when you put it like that, then yeah I guess I could.

Ok, so why don’t you already do four 60 minute workouts a week then?

Because I feel that even though my current job is less physically demanding, I don’t feel like working out very often.

OK, so it’s partly to do with not wanting it bad enough?

Yeah, I guess so, I’ve got myself to a level of fitness and strength that I’m happy enough with.

But you’ve said that you want bigger muscles than you’ve got now, so I guess you don’t really then do you?

Yes, I do!

So, stop making excuses and do something about it.

OK, but it’s not as simple as that.

Why not? If your new job isn’t as physically demanding, do you do long or different daily hours then?

Yes, 4 of the 5 days I work, I normally start at 4am or earlier and then work for 8-12hrs.

OK, so that’s some strange hours and sometimes long too, but your body will get used to the hours if you stick to a regular schedule and you still have anything from 12 to 16hrs in a day to workout.

Well, yeah I guess I’ve got the regular schedule bit down to a tee now, but I need to keep 8hrs for sleep, which only leaves me 4-8 hrs to do other things each day.

OK, so what other things do you do that take up the whole 4-8hrs every day that you need to workout?

Well, it takes about 30 minutes to get to and from work and another 30 minutes to get my food and clothing ready for the next days work.

OK, so that’s 1 hour less, what about the other 3-7hrs?

Well, it takes me about 30 minutes everyday to shower, shave and sh…

OK, stop there! So that’s 2.5-6.5hrs left in the day, what else do you do?

Well, it takes about 60 minutes to make and eat my dinner each evening.

OK, so you still have 1.5 to 5.5hrs left every day, what else do you do, do you socialise during the week?

Ummm, well, that’s it really, apart from relaxing after I’ve eaten dinner before I go to bed, which normally takes up 30-60 minutes I don’t socialise during the work week.

OK then, so if you cut that relaxing bit down to 30 minutes every day, you’d still have a minimum of 60 minutes to workout in and the other days you’d actually have way more time left to relax in!

Ummm, yeah, OK, but what about the nights when there is a Manchester United match that I want to watch on TV?

Well you didn’t mention that, and how badly do you want to build bigger muscles?

I’ve wanted to for at least 3 years now.

So, you’re not willing to sacrifice possibly missing a football match every now and then so that you could achieve a goal you’ve wanted to for years?

Ummm, well I guess I could work it out each week when there is a match on TV, and do my workouts around that.

Yup, that’s correct and if a workout is going to clash with a match, would you be willing to miss the match?

Umm, I don’t know really, it depends on the importance of the match, some of them are one off’s and might never happen again, where as I feel that I’ve always got time to build bigger muscles and could do it at anytime.

Well, you haven’t as yet have you, and anytime could one day run out and it might be too late for you. Perhaps you need to compromise a little if you want to reach you goal of having bigger muscles.

Yeah, I guess.

Well, no guessing, you either do or don’t want bigger muscles. If you’re weight lifting time will clash with a football match, then you either have to arrange your workout around the football or miss it altogether.

Yeah, OK, I get it. Now that you’ve spelt it out for me, I can see that I have more than enough time most days and with a little bit of compromising I could watch most football matches and still have time for lifting weights.

Exactly, and it’s only 4 days a week that you need to monitor your time like this, and if 1 of those days is on your days off work or a none football match night, then that’s a bonus as you’ll have more time throughout the day.

That’s true, I never thought of that.

So, the real question is, how badly do you want bigger muscles then Mike?

Yeah, OK, I get ya, I’ll pull my finger out and make a proper plan and set a 3 month goal!

That’s my boy!

Until next time…


p.s thanks to Billy Murphy’s post Learned Helplessness for being the inspiration to this weird post today!


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