9 Days of Consistent Exercise and I’m Feeling Gooood!

Well this past 9 days have whizzed by, life has a funny way of doing that when you’re enjoying yourself. That’s what I find anyway lol.

Weighted Ring Push Ups

So the best thing these last 9 is that I’ve been my most consistent with my exercise. I’ve done three weightlifting sessions and two running sessions too and I’m feeling great for it.

When I did some weighted chin ups and lunges on Saturday I felt really strong and stable for the first time in a months, which tells me that my body is starting to adapt to the training I’ve been doing and is getting stronger again, which is good as that’s what I’m aiming for!

Work has been consistently slow which is kind of good I guess, but I’d rather be busy and rushed off my feet as it stops the mind wandering and thinking of being elsewhere.

We’ve been working hard to get some new plans in place to build things up, and we’re just waiting on those to come through, which is promising, but we don’t know if they’ll bring in new business until time passes, fingers crossed.

Cycling back and forth to work every day has become a norm for me now, and after doing it for the last 5 months I didn’t expect to see such noticeable growth in my legs.

I worked on my squats in 2014 and 2015 for the most part and whilst I noticed obvious gains in strength, and some overall size gains in my quads, I didn’t really notice any particular parts of my quads growing.

But since I’ve been cycling regularly I’ve noticed more definition appearing in my quads and I LOVE it lol. Along with starting squatting properly again recently I reckon I’m going to see some really good quad growth this year, which for me is well exciting!

In fact just weightlifting at least twice a week for the last month has reminded me how much it can change your body shape. I’ve already started noticing my stomach becoming flatter again (after the Christmas stuff) and my shoulders and chest are starting to get back to being more rounded like they were towards the end of summer last year (when I last consistently lifted weights).

One thing I’ve learnt over the lat 15-18yrs of exercising is that there is no quick fix and it takes time to see results.

Luckily for me I’ve done it long enough to know that it takes at least a month to start seeing some changes and then it can take up to 3 months to see some drastic changes.

So going by that I should surpass my size and strength of last summer by the end of April, which I’m pretty happy with seeing as though I took 4-5 months off!

Anyone got a fast forward button?

Until next time…



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