Music makes me so freaking happy, most of the time!



I was never that big on music growing up, I used to listen to a bit of dance, or pop, but I never owned that many cassette tapes or CD’s.

But since having an internet connection and access to music streaming & download services from the late 90’s, I’ve been a bit of a music freak. Whenever I can listen to music, I do, you’ll find it hard to ever find me without either my headphones in, or music playing through my laptop/phone.

I love a lot of different types of music from main stream pop, to classical and even some R & B. But my main stay is electronic dance music, or EDM for the cool kids (hint: not me pmsl).

When I got my first smart phone back in 2013 I came across Spotify and I’ve been a Premium member for just over 3 years now and without a doubt I listen to waaaaay more music because of it, and I loves it!

Without a streaming service there is no doubt I wouldn’t have found half of the music I currently listen to, and for me it’s fantastic. I won’t go into the whole conversation about streaming services supposedly not paying artists enough money, because I’m on the streaming services side.

If you’re an artist and you don’t want your music being streamed, for monetary reasons or other reasons, then fine, ask the service to not include your music and go on you way. But don’t start making up bullshit about them killing music and all that bollocks.

I digress….

I listen to music when I’m happy and even to make me happy and I’d say 99% of the time it works. If I’m feeling down for what ever reason I can usually change my mind by sticking on a big bass EDM track on my boom box as I call it (home cinema system) and within a few minutes I’m feeling happy.

If I’m delivery driving at 5am in the morning and I need a little pick me up to wake me up good and proper, I stick on my random choons playlist which is a collection of singles ranging from 80’s/90’s track to current tracks, most of them are in the pop genre, but it’s a wide range of tracks that I like to sing to, or bop my head to and all of them help perk me up when needed.

Funnily enough though, today was one of those 1% days when music didn’t make me happy straight away, although it did alleviate my mood enough to enable me to go workout.

I watched my beloved Manchester United lose a game of football that we shouldn’t have lost. We’re doing so badly this season that it’s proving difficult to motivate myself to continue to watch them, but I do, I’m a glutton for punishment.

Anyway, we lost the match today and I wrote my workout down and sat there for a second thinking to myself “bollocks to this, I can’t be arsed, I’m so demotivated right now”.

But I changed the channel on the TV to my Chromecast and streamed a deadmau5 album to my boom box and sat there listening to the bassy tracks for a few minutes.

I started to feel a little better and motivated enough to get up off my arse. I turned up the volume so I could hear the music upstairs in our spare room where my weights rack is and I started working out.

I did the following today:

Barbell Squats: 6 x 77.5kg, 6 x 88.5kg, 6 x 98.5kg, 6 x 108.5kg

Barbell Overhead Press: 6 x 33.5kg, 6 x 38.5kg, 8 x 43.5kg, 8 x 48.5kg

I stopped after the OHP as I felt pretty whacked from the squats. I’d only added 1kg to each of the main sets (1st set is a warm up set) but the last set really whacked me.

I think I’ve not been eating enough calories the last few weeks, on top of definitely not eating enough towards the end of last week due to having some strange stomach bug, which incidentally has cleared itself up thankfully.

I just ate what I normally do (albeit less meals) and it was gone by Monday, so who know’s what it was.

Anyway, I stopped my workout after the OHP and called it a day, that’ll do for today, I’m not too bothered, I lifted more than last week on both movements, so that’ll do me.

I came downstairs and was going to turn the music off as it was starting to do my head in for some reason, all I wanted to do was have my raw milk protein shake, have a shower and then sit down and wallow in my football sorrow.

But I didn’t turn the music off, I left it playing, had my shake and then had a shower. As I came down stairs, the music was still playing and the particular song playing had a really heavy bass line, which once I had gotten to the bottom of the stairs really reverberated through my body, holy shit I thought, I’ve never heard it like that before.

I had turned the bass up on the boom box all the way for some reason, and thankfully so as I started to feel so much better, the bass was running through me, I could feel it pounding in my chest, I felt great all of a sudden!

Maybe the protein shake had worked it’s way around my body and helped alleviate my mood, or the endorphins from my workout took longer to kick in then normal, who know’s, but I’ll take it.

Music had made me happy again. I wonder if others find music as uplifting as I do?

Until next time…



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