The simplest things in life are what matter the most.

Whilst I have pointed my life in a direction that requires me to focus on the difficult questions a lot of people shy away from, I find it incredibly difficult at times when all around me are (as far as I am concerned) choosing the easy options in life.

I often find though that coming back to the basics is what keeps me going.

When times get hard, which is more often than a lot of people admit, I know deep down that as long as the goal I am reaching for is something I honestly want then I have to allow myself time to enjoy the simpler things in life, otherwise I don’t really appreciate reaching the difficult things I want.

Take walking in the countryside as an example…

A random Oxfordshire field.

The above picture is nothing special, it’s just a random field in Oxfordshire near where I live.

The grass is green, there’s mud everywhere, there are tree’s in the distance and a hedgerow too, it’s just a field, with more fields like this surrounding it.

But when you live a life that is constantly plugged in to technology, sat in cars and offices. Reading newspapers and magazines, concerning yourself with worldly matters of supposed epic proportions, striving to achieve things otherwise don’t bother with, something as simple as a random field, can have almost profound effects.

For me the simple fact of being able to put on a pair of wellies and a coat, I did have other clothing on! 🙂 and then just walking out of my door and within 5 minutes being in a field and in another world is completely and utterly grounding.

When I first enter the field, the thoughts running through my mind are often:

What the hell am I doing, it’s cold, wet and muddy.

This field stinks of cow shit and other animal shit, it’s disgusting.

It’s so messy and untidy out here, I want to go home to my nice warm and tidy house.

By the time I’ve spent the next hour or two walking around the fields, the thoughts running through my mind are:

I’m actually quite warm and snug now, my wellies are making it quite cool walking through all this mud.

aaah that fresh air and the smell of cow shit isn’t so bad, it’s what being in the countryside is all about.

It’s so messy and untidy out here, it’s great, look at the amazing organisation of all this untidiness, everything has it’s purpose and place for all the animals and bugs to live on and in.

Look at how cool those tree’s are all knarly and knotted, swaying in the breeze.

Oh look, a squirrel!

And on the way home, I’m almost in a zen like state. I get lost in my own foot steps watching the mud squish from under them.

When I get home, I appreciate the dry and warmth of my house. I appreciate the electric that boils my kettle and allows me to sit on the sofa with a nice hot cup of coffee or tea, aaaaah life is really good.

That moment right there, is when I realise reaching for the difficult things in life really isn’t so difficult.

I’ve got it very damn easy compared to a large portion of the world and it would be a massive waste of my life if I didn’t at least try and reach for the difficult things.

Thanks random field.

Until next time…



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