Mother, you were wrong!

Strange blog post tonight, but thought I’d share my thoughts…

When I was growing up my mother used to say to me “Don’t wear your coat indoors, you’ll be colder when you go outside”.

A strange saying I know. But my grandma used to say it too, so it made sense my mum said it I guess.

And for years like a lot of things my mother said, I believed her and took her word as gospel.

When I say years, I mean decades lol. And only last year did I suddenly realise “Mother, you’re wrong!”.

I was sat in doors with it being particularly cold out doors and I started to feel chilly thinking about having to go outside and walk to the shops.

Almost instantly my mothers voice came into my head “Don’t wear your coat in doors, you’ll only feel colder when you go outside.

And I thought for a moment, and then said to myself “You know what mum, bollocks to this!”.

Ooooh how rebellious I felt pmsl.

I got up and put my coat on and sat there for a minute. I started to feel warmer. A few minutes went by and I felt warmer still.

In total about 20 minutes past before I got up to go out, and I was roasting by this time (I had a particularly thick wool lined coat on) and when I got outside and started walking to the shops, instead of feeling freezing cold like I’d always imagined I would and like my mother always said I would, I felt well toasty!

I could feel the freezing cold air on my face and especially my ears when the wind blew lightly. But I felt nice and snug and warm.

“haha” I thought to myself. “I knew you were wrong mum!”. And yet it had taken me 30 odd years to test it out pmsl.

THAT’S the power of old mothers tales!

I tested it again a few days later by deliberately putting my coat on about 15 minutes before I was due to leave a friends. They thought I was a bit strange, but when I said that by getting myself really toasty in doors, I wouldn’t feel the cold so much once I got outdoors. They simply shrugged and said “Guess that makes sense!”.

Low and behold it was true once again.

And ever since if it’s cold outside, I put my coat on about 15 minutes before I’m due to go outside and get all nice and toasty warm, and I don’t feel cold once I’m outside.

Oh how I enjoyed telling my mother this last year. And as I’d expect her to respond, she simply said “You’ll regret it later in life, when your bones start feeling the cold!”

“OK, mother, OK”

Until next time…



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