Proper Barbell Squats and Overhead Press at last!

I was supposed to do my squats and overhead press workout yesterday, but I got side tracked by planning my finances for the year and then I watch the footy and it kind of didn’t happen lol.

Anyway, a normal day at work today, not too busy for once so I had plenty of energy and time to get a workout in.

Today was legs and shoulders:

Barbell Squat: 6 x 77.5kg, 6 x 87.5kg, 6 x 97.5kg, 6 x 107.5kg

Barbell Glute Bridges: 8 x 112.5kg, 8 x 117.5kg, 6 x 122.5kg

Barbell Overhead Press: 6 x 33.5kg, 6 x 38.5kg, 6 x 43.5kg, 6 x 48.5kg

Barbell Rear Delt Row: 8 x 38.5kg, 8 x 41kg, 8 x 43.5kg

Dumbbell Side Raises: 8 x 5kg, 10 x 6kg, 12 x 7.5kg

Man it felt so good to be overhead pressing again and proper squatting too. Although I have done a squat workout a few weeks ago, I went a little lighter than today.

Today’s last set of 107.5kg was just over 1.5 x bodyweight and I felt it, last set an all, I really had to push hard to get the last few reps.

And I just love the whole movement of the barbell overhead press. It just seems to suit me for some reason. This year I’m going to workout towards lifting my bodyweight for one rep, which I’ve got to within 10% before, but I’ve not tried for a good year or so and now that I’m less active during the day, I feel like I should give it another go.

Anyway, that’s another workout quest done, a great way to end the month I think. And I’m really looking forward to February, I should be able to really crack on with my weight workouts now and hopefully start seeing the rewards of a stronger and more muscular body soon enough!

Right, that’s me done, another 3:15am start tomorrow, can’t wait lol.

Until next time…



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