What the hell happened to that month?

Well that was by far one of the busiest months I’ve ever had work wise!

Compared to some nurses and shift workers etc perhaps it wasn’t that long, but for me it’s by far the longest and hardest I’ve ever worked.

I did 5.5 days a week, averaging 12.5hrs a day, totalling 297hrs for the month, with a straight 7.5 day stretch to kick it off!

Comparing this months wage to what I earned on the farm each month last year, I’d have had to work for 9 weeks to earn what I have in 4!

But with all the positives of increased wage come the negatives of not being able to workout like I wanted to.

I did manage a few bodyweight workouts most weeks and last week I managed two decent weight lifting workouts, but I was still way down on what I did last year each week.

But the month has gone now and I’m going back to normal hours, which are still early starts at 4am, but I should be finishing early afternoons to make 9hr days now instead of doing 12-14hr days.

So the hope is that I’ll have more energy and importantly time to go workout.

I’ve made plans starting tomorrow anyway for my workouts for the week, with my new routine it’s just sticking to the main lifts with a couple of accessory lift’s thrown in for 2 workouts, then the 3rd workout of the week is just accessory lifts that I like doing but that aren’t important to me at the moment for a main workout.

Anyway, back to the money side of the last month. Whilst I had one of the biggest pay cheques I’ve ever had, it has already started to disappear. Various bills needed paying and the debts I wanted to pay extra on, so whilst it hasn’t lasted long it’s going towards good things.

It’s been nice today being able to tweak and plan ahead with my finances and I’m now starting to see the positives of moving back to my home town and having the increased wage, as it means I can finally see an end to my debts, which although looks like taking 3-4 years to completely get rid of, there is still light at the end of the tunnel now.

I can also see light at the end of the savings tunnel too. It doesn’t mean I can start saving yet, but it does mean that by the end of this year I can at least starting planning for some savings from each months wage, which I’ve never been able to do before.

So after what’s been a whirlwind 3 month period of moving back up here, finding a new job, working like a manic for a month, things are slowly falling into place like I wanted them to after making the decision to come back here.

Just need my football team to start playing and winning like years gone by and I’ll be a happy weeman!

Until next time…



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