I want to be more tired in the evenings, I need sleep!

Whoop, did my first proper proper weight lifting workout tonight, one step on my fitness quest!

My new routine will have me lift weights 3 times a week, where last year I was lifting 4 times a week. I’ve condensed my workouts to 3 and taken out a few movements that are not necessary at the moment.

Anyway, today’s workout was as follows:

Deadlift: 5 x 76.5kg, 5 x 96.5kg, 5 x 101.5kg, 5 x 106.5kg

Barbell Row: 8 x 46.5kg, 8 x 51.5kg, 8 x 56.5kg

Incline Barbell Benchpress: 8 x 47.5kg, 8 x 52.5kg, 8 x 57.5kg, 8 x 62.5kg

Dumbbell Flye: 8 x 7.5kg, 8 x 10kg, 8 x 12.5kg

Ring Dips: 8 x 1kg, 8 x 2.5kg, 8 x 3.5kg

It felt so good completing a full workout for the first time for a long time. Just got another two to do, one tomorrow and one Tuesday.

Next week I’ll start on Saturday so that my workouts only fall on one day of getting up early for work (Monday) and that my body has plenty of time to recover from the early starts and long hours (by not working out Tues-Fri).

Tomorrow I’m up at 3:15am which is the earliest for a while, so I’m expecting to be tired come the end of the day which will probably finish around 5pm, so that’s nearly a 14hr day and then I’ve got another workout. Repeat that for Tuesday and I’m going to be cream crackered come Wednesday I reckon, or at least I bloody hope so anyway!

I need to try and get more than 5hrs sleep. Which might sound obvious but I’ve struggled the last three weeks in getting more than that.

Not because I’m not tired, but when I go to bed I’m just not tired enough to go to sleep.

The only thing I can think of is that it’s been due to me not expending enough energy in the day time, seeing as though my body has spent the last 7-8yrs working on a farm, plus lifting weights 4 times a week. And now that I’m driving for 4-5hrs a day (sat down a lot), plus standing around juicing fruit and veg and also not working out 4 days a week, that it just isn’t tired enough! lol

Anyway, I’m hoping that by lifting weights again that I start to feel more tired in the evenings and that I can get to sleep earlier and start to get more than 5hrs sleep.

Starting tonight, so it’s 9pm and I’m off to bed, fuck me I’m so glad I moved back to my home town pmsl.

Until next time…



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