When hoping isn’t enough and goals turn into quests.

I read a post over on Medium which I forgot to like and now can’t refind to link to, wazzuk! 😦

Anyway, it made me think about my fitness goals and that up until now, my goals pretty much every year have simply been to get stronger than the year before. And by this I mean being able to lift more in weight lifting movements like squats, deadlifts, overhead presses and bench presses.

I’ve done pretty well, as each year so far I’ve ended it stronger than the previous year, so go me! 🙂

This year though I’m struggling with wanting this goal for myself. It’s probably mainly due to my new job and the long hours, it might not be. But either way I find myself wanting more than to end the year being stronger than last year.

I’m already stronger than the majority of every day people and I’m hovering around just above intermediate levels of strength for strength athletes, which is good enough for me right now. And I’m not sure what I want fitness wise as yet, but I think back to the last time I lived in my home town (or near it) which was 10 years ago now. And I wanted to learn a martial art of some kind and I also wanted to go mountain biking (or trail biking) on my days off.

Neither happened as I didn’t have the motivation, time, blah blah blah.

Both of those things are in the back of my mind once again, having moved back to my home town and so I’ve decided to look into doing both at some point this year or in the very near future.

The mountain biking should be easier, as firstly I now own one (usually helps!), I’m already cycling to work and back 5-6 times a week, so I’m getting half of that objective ticked off! I just need to be working slightly less hours and I’ll have the motivation to do more on my day and a half off than just sit around recovering!

The learning a martial art is going to be the difficult one. Firstly because all spare money this year is going to reduce debts and anything left over is going to reduce debts and/or being put aside so that I can reskill and obtain a truck drivers license.

I know that I’m wanting it all at the same time, so I’m thinking that as long as I tick off the mountain biking this year, then I’ll be happy and content enough to wait for the martial art learning until I’ve obtained a truck drivers license towards the end of the year.

But to help keep my motivated with my fitness I think I’m going to change my yearly fitness goal into shorter term quests.

I’m going to treat each day/time I workout as a quest achievement and a step towards some kind of leveling myself up!

With my cycling 5-6 days a week I will no doubt end this year far fitter than previous years, so that along with lifting weights I should definitely be the fittest and strongest I have ever been in my life, which won’t be bad at all for a 39yr old!

But I don’t have an end goal for the year, and like I said working such long hours at the moment is making it hard to set any concrete goals as I just don’t have any idea what hours I’m going to have to myself from one week to the next.

So I think by changing my yearly goal into monthly/weekly/daily quests will help keep me motivated whilst my job sorts itself out.

I think realising that any and each time I work out (even cycling to work) is a step towards fulfilling a quest, then I think I will be good.

That kinds of makes sense to me anyway. Although I’m loving the extra income from my job at the moment, I’m not enjoying not having any life outside of it, but instead of whinging about it I’m going to hit it head on and deal with it as best I can and see what happens.

Forgetting today though lol. I was supposed to start my new weights routine I put together last week, but I just didn’t have the mental focus to push myself to do it.

I had a few household tasks I wanted to do and along with just wanting to lull around I simply let the day slip away from me.

Without a doubt it’s taken me longer to get used to this new job than I thought it would, but then I didn’t expect to be doing these long hours, so I’ve got to give myself some credit for doing ‘some’ exercise I guess.

I’m going to workout tomorrow and then just see how I feel each day. The aim is to work up to three workouts a week. Last week I managed one and a half, so I’m half way there!

I say one and a half because I did one weight lifting workout and one bodyweight workout. And I don’t call bodyweight workouts a proper workout unless I use my olympic rings or do handstand presses etc, which I didn’t do last week.

OK that’s enough of that. The first quest begins tomorrow. The first task in the day’s quest is to step it up at work, be even more efficient and organised as possible, and try to ensure I get home on time to enable me enough time in the evening to lift some weights.

Challenge accepted.

Until next time…



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