Barbell Squats and Deadlifts at last!

So I finally managed to get a decent weights workout done, whoop!

Today was an early start at work, 4am, but we finished on time, so it was as normal as a 13hr day gets lol.

I was feeling good when I got home so I got straight on with my workout and it was fan freaking tastic!!

Man I forgot how much I love squats and deadlifts.

In fact out of the two I think I enjoy deadlifts the most, but I did a fair amount more squating last year than previous years and I got close to doing double body weight.

So that’s the aim this year, to try and get double bodyweight, but the way the year has started doesn’t look promising lol, but we’ll see how it goes, loads of time left yet!

Here’s the quick workout I did today:

Barbell Squats: 6 x 67.5kg, 6 x 77.5kg, 6 x 87.5kg, 6 x 97.5kg.

Barbell Deadlifts: 5 x 76.5kg, 5 x 96.5kg, 5 x 101.5kg, 5 x 106.5kg.

It was good to get back to doing something reasonably heavy again, although the squats were tougher than I thought they would be, which doesn’t matter too much right now, my body will soon get used to them soon enough again.

The deadlifts though were pretty good, the last set was 1.5 x my bodyweight which was pretty heavy, I had to used a mixed grip as my standard grip isn’t up to scratch again just yet.

Anyhoo, best go get some dinner, then it’s early bed, up at 3am tomorrow!

Until next time…



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