It’s not fun writing when you’ve got nothing to say.

Whoop, a normal 13hr day today, goooo me pmsl.

We could’ve technically got finished an hour earlier today as it was quieter than normal, but for whatever reason the time got filled by this and that and then time just disappeared.

Anyway, I felt a little achy in my upper back from yesterdays light workout, which isn’t great as it shows how unconditioned my body has become in the last 3 months of not working out consistently.

It’s going to be in for a shock tomorrow when I do some squats and deadlifts, oooooooh boy it’s in for a shock lol.

I’m still buzzing today fro United beating our arch rivals Liverpool. Watched a replay of the highlights last night before I went to bed, nothing like a good smash and grab on their own turf, Uniiiiited!!

Right, not so early start tomorrow, an extra 30 mins in bed, whoop, but still early enough at 4am, so I best get munching my dinner and getting my food ready for tomorrow, god I’m living the life at the moment.

I’ve decided that writing every day is getting a little tedious. Fuck it, a lot tedious. With work being as it is at the moment, nothing much is happening in my life because I simply don’t have time to do anything lol.

So I’m going to post every other day or I’ve promised myself a minimum of twice a week, you never know, I might have more interesting things to write about then … yeah right, pmsl.

Until next time…



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