Not quite there yet, but moving forward all the same.

Well today was another busy Sunday as were the last two, but I felt more lethargic than normal, probably to do with going to bed late on Friday and yesterday lol.

I didn’t drink any rum on my days off for a change, not for any particular reason, just didn’t fancy any for a change and I didn’t indulge in any more junk food than I normally do, nor go to bed any later than I normally do.

Perhaps my body was just having an off day today.

Anyway, I got home and didn’t want to do a full weights workout, so I stuck with doing some chin ups, decline push ups, lat pull downs and some dumbell ohp.

I stuck with 3 sets, but with no rest between each movement, so I worked up a good high heart rate and it felt like some kind of a workout.

I think I’m going to aim to do this workout once more this week, plus an additional squat and deadlift workout and if I can manage that then I’ll be happy and then I’ll go for some proper weights next week.

The long days look like coming to an end in a few weeks, so that’s good, although I’m enjoying the extra money, I could do with easing off a little as I’ve not had much of a life outside of working, eating and sleeping lol.

Hey ho, United beat Liverpool again today, which is fucking great and made up for me missing it to work.

Until next time…



One thought on “Not quite there yet, but moving forward all the same.

  1. imamotherrunner 17/01/2016 / 10:36 pm

    Good workout! And the work, sleep, eat routine is tough. Hope you get some time to relax!

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