Broke my posting streak, damn you!

Well that didn’t last long did it. I only managed 14 days of writing a post on the blog lol.

Although I am surprised it lasted that long considering how knackered I’ve been in the evenings.

Oh well, a nice day a half of rest it’s been, but it’s back to work tomorrow and probably another long arsed week with lots of middle of the night starts thrown in.

I’ve created a little spreadsheet to work out my wage with the extra hours and it’s looking pretty nice already and I’m only half way through the month.

Not that I’ll be using the extra money for anything special, it’s time to start paying off the Christmas splurge lol.

Which is actually the theme for this year. To pay off some debts and catch consolidate our move back to a city. Then next year will be another one of change I think, possibly a job change again, but we’ll see how this one goes first.

No weights workout for me today, I had a dodgy stomach. I woke up feeling ok but then mid morning I started getting bad cramps and in the afternoon I paid several visits to the toilet, which wasn’t pleasant lol.

Anyway, I’m feeling better now, but I didn’t want to risk straining with weights after that, it wouldn’t have been a pretty sight I think pmsl.

Never mind, I’ll make up for it tomorrow, got some squats and deadlifts planned, which will probably make me ache the following day, but I’ve missed that so am strangely looking forward to it!

Until next time…



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