Feeling pooped, bodyweight exercise is enough.

So today I had hoped I would finish on time at work and finally I did, whoop! Only a 12hr day, av it lol.

I cycled home and although I felt pretty pooped, I decided to go ahead and do some basic bodyweight exercises and a few sets on a machine.

It felt so good doing some exercise, even though it was only 3 sets chin ups, lat pull downs on my machine and some decline push ups, it just felt great doing something again.

On my day off this week I’ve decided to work out two routines for myself that I’m going to split into four which will last about 20 minutes each, so that even if I do a 15hr day I will still have time to get in a decent workout.

As normal after a while away from lifting weights, I get to a stage where I HAVE to lift some weights as I start to feel too normal pmsl.

Ever since starting to lift weights consistently again 4-5 years ago, I love the way weight lifting makes me feel and look and once I’d built my body up to a certain amount of muscle mass, I really like it, the way it feels on my, the way it makes me feel and of course the way it makes me look.

And obviously not having lifted weights or done any decent bodyweight movements for several months, my body has now lost muscle mass and strength and I fucking hate it!!

Anyway, looking forward today was the beginning again, definitely, I got that feeling back that I love, the feeling of an aching, tight, strong muscle and the confidence I get from exercise in general.

Not that I’ve been lacking confidence of late lol, but I get even more confident when I consistently exercise.

Friday is my next planned workout day and whilst I won’t be doing a set routine, I do intend on busting out some heavy ‘ish’ squats and deadlifts.

Can’t fucking wait!!

Until next time…



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