Day off and I’m ready to go again.

Well it’s been a quick day and a half off work, but I’m ready to go again for another long week.

Although this week will only be a five and a half day week and not a seven and a half day week like last week. Plus I should only be doing around 60 hours instead of 86, which will be good too lol.

Not that I’m complaining as the money will coming in handy to top up the bank account after Christmas, but still, it’ll be nice to have some time of my own in the evenings, rather than coming home, getting ready for the next day, eating and then going to bed.

I even felt rested enough today to get in a light weights workout which was great. Some overhead pressing, some barbell rows and some barbell squats, which all felt good.

Stayed within my warm up range as I didn’t want to tax my body today after the week it’s had, but hopefully with a slightly easier week next week I’ll be able to get in some decent weight workouts, we’ll see.

Until next time…



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