Longest 7 days I’ve ever worked.

83hrs down and only 5 more to go.

It’ll be my 7th straight day tomorrow, and I’ll hit my 88th hour of work on the way home from the latest London delivery.

I’ve got to say I’m pretty chuffed with that for some reason.

My record days in a row is 11 but I only worked 9hr days then, and it was picking kiwifruit in New Zealand which was quite physically demanding but was quite easy mentally, whereas my current job is pretty easy physically, but very taxing mentally.

Having to be on the ball driving for 4-5hrs in the early hours of the night/morning and then to spend the next 10hrs producing juice I find alot more taxing on my brain than my body.

Sure I’m tired physically at times but it’s more mentally draining than anything.

Hey ho, my brain needs to switch off for the day and I’m sure my body could do with the sleep too.

Until next time…



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