Maintenance exercise is enough until things change

Phewee, I had the busiest day ever since starting at my new job 3 months ago.

It wasn’t the longest day at 11hrs, but it was by far the busiest, so much juice making ready for our big kick off in a high end London store tomorrow, which is exciting but fuck me it’s manic lol

I had good plans last week of having had done 2 weight lifting sessions by tonight, but Friday night I felt whacked from the first day back at work after the Christmas binge, so I stuck to some push ups and chins ups, and then tonight I was so tired when I left work that I thought fuck it, I peddle harder and faster than ever before cycling home and then I did a few sets of chin ups and push ups and that was me done.

I’ve made my food for tomorrow, had my dinner and I’m sat here knackered as fuck and ready for bed soon. What a hero!

I’m not beating myself up about not lifting weights yet as I’m still doing something, which is better than nothing, and for me anyway is simple keeping the cogs oiled as it were.

It’s at least giving my body a better way of recovering from the Christmas binge and I think I might have been a little optimistic in my planning last week lol.

Hey ho, only another 4 days of daytime work, but they’re going to be 13hr days I think, which will probably mean I’m fucked getting home so foresee sticking to just bodyweight exercise for this coming week, we’ll see.

Until next time…



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