Making short term sacrifices for long term gains.

Well it’s been a mad, hectic, bonkers few months.

After feeling that I had reached my whits end, I’ve quit the farm job in Somerset and moved back close to my home town of Oxford and got myself a new job to boot!

It all happened a bit quick. I got annoyed at being taken advantage off on the farm, aired my views and got told that despite the last 7 years of working on the farm, I wasn’t loyal enough.

So I told the managers to stick the job up their arse and handed my notice in. Lol. As you do.

Without planning it, my partner and I then decided now was as good a time as to try and apply for a job back here in Oxford.

After nearly 6 months of applying for jobs with no job offer in Somerset, I applied for 7 jobs in the space of 2 weeks and got 3 interviews up here in Oxford.

I attended all 3 and got 2 job offers out of it!

So here I am now making organic cold pressed raw fruit & vegetable juices for high end customers in London and the home counties. Not only that but I deliver it too. Which is the hardest part of the job as it means I’m up at 3am and makes 4 of my 5 days 12hrs long, but it is what it is for now and the money is coming in handy with Christmas coming up!

A little different than fruit farming in Somerset! pmsl

It took longer than we hoped to find somewhere to live so we stayed with family for a while, but we’re now just about settled in our new house and both of us are starting to feel settled in our new jobs, my partner getting a customer service position with a fruit & veg delivery company.

It is a little weird how we both ended up still working with produce, just not growing it!

Anyway, after all the manicness that comes with quitting a job, moving house and getting a new job, I inevitably got a little run down and got a bug for a few weeks, which curtailed starting my weight lifting again.

Only this week do I feel almost back to full health, I definitely think drinking the spare juices has helped and I’m looking forward to doing some bodyweight stuff the remainder of this week, then I’ll get back on to some light weights next week and then a full on couple of proper weeks before Christmas.

I’ll probably still take a week off over Christmas as I always do as I’m looking forward to celebrating our new adventure and we haven’t really had a good amount of time to sit back and think about what’s happened in the last few months.

The business has just ticked along, thankfully. Now it’s Christmas it has picked up which is good, but we haven’t been able to push it like we planned during the summer, but the most important thing is it’s still going, we’re earning more money despite living in a more expensive part of the country and we should be able to push the business forward next year.

Right, I’m pooped, up at 3am this morning, working till 5pm, then same again tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday!

Not sure I’ll get used to these new hours just yet, but I think at least with getting back into my weightlifting I should be able to get to sleep before 10pm and get more than 5hrs sleep!

Anyhoo, here’s to new beginnings.

Until next time…



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