Apple season is nearly here and please tell me the 1/2 Cindys get easier!

Phewee I’m getting more whacked from these 1/2 Cindy workouts than I thought I would.

Yesterday was a great workout as I managed to do 8 rounds in 9 mins 41 secs, which is awesome considering I barely managed 7 rounds in 10 mins 20 secs literally 2 weeks ago.

Was I fucked? Ooooooh yes! Did I have shit loads of phlegm trying to come out of all holes in my face? Ooooooh yes! Could I stand up after I’d finished? Ooooooh no!

I seriously cannot believe how fucked I’m feeling after each 1/2 Cindy, it really is great!

Yes, I did say great lol. I’m loving the feeling afterwards, the euphoria is just so addicting, the rush of who know’s what chemicals around my body is just fucking awesome.

Anyway, enough of that for tonight, need to keep this short as I need some good sleep to recover properly for tomorrow’s go.

Thankfully all the major business related tasks have now been completed, which means no more 5-6hrs of sleep during the week, I can get back to my 7-8hrs instead. It’s amazing how quickly lack of sleep catches up with you and starts to affect your daily life.

I felt so out of synch and whacked a few weeks ago and it felt like I was almost like a zombie at times during the day on the farm, but anyway sleep is awesome and I love it lol.

I’ve managed to reorganise my to do lists for both businesses and we’re slowly getting on top of the little tasks that have taken a back seat of late, which is good, just got to get ahead of things now so we can really start pushing forward.

Work on the farm is slowly picking up again after a lull for a few weeks, which is normal for this time of year. But it will soon be manic again with the apple season fast approaching, mmmmm freshly picked apples of the tree, can’t wait!

Here’s a picture I put together of a few photo’s I took of various fruit and wild flowers around the farm a few days ago….


Until next time…



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