My twitter list of health & fitness people and shit gets manic when you’re busy!

I thought I’d share on the blog my list of health & fitness people/brands that I follow on twitter.

I’ve found it a massively useful resource for information and inspiration over the last few years in my health and fitness journey and without a doubt if I didn’t have it or twitter didn’t exist I’d have found it A LOT harder to get where I am today and learn the things I have.

You can find the list by clicking here and I encourage you to subscribe to it if you’re on Twitter, it’s been a massive help to me for finding information on exercise & nutrition.

So, yesterday was supposed to be my 3rd attempt at a 1/2 Cindy crossfit workout, but I whimped out.

Mainly due to lack of sleep, but also a lack of motivation – for once!

I’m normally pretty damn good at getting myself up for a workout, even a basic bodyweight one. But the last few nights I’ve gone to bed very late and due to being sat on my butt working on business stuff I just didn’t feel up to it.

Although I did do the same routine (5x pull ups, 10x push ups, 15x squats) and I actually did 5 rounds, I did them much more spaced out and had a lot more recovery time.

I’m hopeful that these late nights have come to an end, for now. I’ve put both our businesses onto the Shopify platform and whilst there are a few minor things to resolve, the bulk of it is now done.

The main issue I always have is that due to being on not much over minimum wage, I don’t have the spare cash to pay someone else to do these things for me, so I’ve got to them myself which takes time in learning how to and then of course time doing it.

It’s the same when it comes to the marketing and sales. I suck at both pretty much and I have to read/watch and learn as much as possible which of course takes time and then I have to try and implement what I have learnt and then learn from my mistakes, which again obviously takes time and unfortunately money, that I can’t afford to lose.

But as always I stay optimistic, mainly because I’ve no choice – what’s the point of getting negative about shit? It doesn’t help, so I just stay positive and keep aware that anything worth doing takes time.

I’m pretty sure that looking after my health & fitness for so many years and learning first hand what it takes it get and stay healthy & fit is helping me with the businesses as I’ve learnt how hard it is to keep going when it gets tough and that as long as I never give up regardless of what happens, it will come good in the end if I want it enough.

Anyway, that’s enough of the deep and meaningful stuff lol, it’s a planning and organising day today, things have been so fucking manic the last month or so that my to do lists etc have got a tad on the messy side. But by the end of today, they’ll be organised and prioritised once again.

Until next time…



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