My 2nd 1/2 Cindy WOD didn’t kill me and I actually improved.

So despite me feeling like I was nearly dead on Monday after completing my first 1/2 Cindy crossfit workout, I went for it again 48 hrs later.

And to my surprise I was actually quicker this time, finishing my 7 rounds in 9 mins 20 secs.

I was going to try for another round, but I was fucked and knew that I couldn’t get through it in 40 secs, so I stopped the clock and rejoiced that it was over and that I’d beaten my time by a full min!

I did a quick Periscope for 5 mins just to show of my sweaty face and heavy breathing lol.

For those that didn’t know, I’ve been doing a health and fitness show on the new live streaming app called Periscope. And although it’s only been going for nearly 2 weeks I’ve had some great feedback and plenty of people asking health and fitness related questions, which is great.

I’d highly recommend downloading the Periscope app, it’s free and available on Apple and android and my user name on it is @WeeMikeSilver if you fancy following me and getting a notification when i’m live.

The show airs at 7pm BST Tues, Thurs and Sundays. I’ve had all sorts of questions asked during the show, some not so good but mostly proper questions that I’ve been able to offer advice on from my own personal experience and knowledge gained in the last 15 yrs.

Anyway that’s enough of that. I’m so glad I’ve got another 48 hrs break until the next Cindy WOD lol, but this weekend will be tough as I’ll do the 1/2 Cindy on Sat then my heavy weight workout on Sun and then followed by another 1/2 Cindy on Monday, phewee I’m gunna be pooped!

Hey Ho it’s a hard life, not!!

Until next time…



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