Crossfit and Weightlifting – My New Routine.

So last week was supposed to be my first week of a new workout routine, however, things don’t always go to plan!

I had worked out what I was going to do for the next 7/8 weeks and it wasn’t that much different to what I have been doing this year.

But then a few issues cropped up with one of my businesses and I spent most of the week on the phone to suppliers, shippers and emailing customers trying to resolve the issues.

That meant lots of 16hr work days and no time for workouts.

Or at least I thought it didn’t.

What i did do was a few basic bodyweight workouts, like I do when i’m not going to be home to lift weights and last week I realised that I was enjoying the shorter more intense workouts than I had been doing my heavier weight longer workouts.

And then I thought, fuck it I’m going to give crossfit a go… you do pmsl.

I’ve known about crossfit for a few years, but not really paid much attention and instead just stuck with what’s worked for me fitness wise, that being working on a farm during the day and lifting heavy weights at night.

But this last routine of mine I felt a bit stale and wanted to change it up a little but didn’t really know what to do.

It was only last week being so manically busy with business things that i was almost forced to take a step back and look at something different fitness wise.

To be honest I’m quite glad really as I haven’t been this excited about a workout routine for a few years!

I’m not going to be doing crossfit full on as I don’t like some of the movements (kipping pull ups as an example) and I’m not that keen on the group workouts either.

But I do like the look of a number of the workouts of the day, the ones with the ladies names look cool lol.

The plan is to still do 4 workouts a week, 3 will be short 20-30 min crossfit sessions and the 4th will be a normal heavy weight workout, which I’ll do on one of the weekend days.

I’m thinking that I’ll just do a whole body heavy weight workout, but only go really heavy on one movement (the first one in the workout) and then the rest of the movements will be medium to heavy weights.

Anyway, tonight is the first crossfit workout and I’m starting with a Cindy.

5 pull ups, 10 push ups and 15 squats, for as many rounds as possible within 20 mins, no rests just keep going until I drop or 20 mins arrives.

I’ve got a feeling that I’ll probably drop lol but even when I get really tired ill just slow it down rather than stopping to rest, well that’s the plan anyways.

If you’re reading this you’ll find out tomorrow!

Until next time…



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