R & R Week Exercise Wise, but Busier Than Ever on the Business.

It’s officially my rest week this week and I’ve been making the most of it the last few days, don’t think I’ve gone to bed earlier than 1am for 3 out of the last 4 days.

Went to bed a little earlier last night as I’d had a bit too much Pimms and had a little headache lol.

It’s Wimbledon time which means it’s Pimms O’clock in my house. Pimms and British tennis go together like peas in a pod lol.

Anyway, rest week normally means doing no exercises or simple bodyweight movements and I’ve stuck to that so far and will keep it going for the rest of the week.

I’m trying to go for a walk everyday though during the week, as I find that I tend to sit down a lot when I’m doing business stuff at home.

But exercise wise it’s just basic bodyweight squats, push ups and chin ups, mainly to try to make sure I don’t lose any muscle mass as I know that when I’ve got time off work I tend to relax too much and my body doesn’t cope well getting back into lifting again the following week, so I try to do something even though it’s a week off.

Today is about getting some more screens ready for the tshirt business, we’ve had a little set back with some screens we originally did and have had to buy some different ones.

By tomorrow the screens should be ready to use for tshirt printing and we can finally know if we’ve got a viable business.

It’s all good and well making plans for a business but until you actually have a product to sell even the best laid plans don’t mean shit.

I think that has been my main frustration of late, not having an actual product to sell.

I know what I want to sell and how I want to sell it, but until I have an actual product I don’t know IF it will sell lol.

Hey ho, time to crack on, I’ll find out in the next 36hrs what the future holds.

Shit I’m nervous as hell.

Until next time…



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