Screen Printing T-Shirts All Day Proved to be a Steep Learning Curve!

So today was meant to be learning about screen printing t-shirts and boy was it, all 8hrs of it!

Because we’re still so new to it, and due to our budget (very low) we’re having to use a starter kit that has proven a bit of a challenge to get used to.

Admittedly we haven’t been able to spend any time during the week on it as we’ve got our farm jobs and it generally takes about an hour to set up everything and by the time one of us has worked out, had dinner etc it’s just too late to begin.

So we’ve left things to the weekends and so today we started from where we left off last weekend, being able to print on a t-shirt but the ink not sitting on the t-shirt properly.

We decided to buy a cheap cotton bed sheet and cut it up into small squares to practice printing on and by the time we had used up about 10 pieces we had just about got the technique correct.

But when we moved onto actual t-shirts again, the ink just didn’t want to sit right on the t-shirt, so we played around with a few things and eventually got it pretty much bang on.

Bad Panda Clothing Screen Printing

Then we decided to change the ink from white to black and we noticed a massive difference in the quality. The black ink was so much more liquid, it went through the screen mesh much easier and printed a much better design.

So after 3-4 hrs of having issues with the white ink, we realised that it was due to it being too thick. Well, that’s what we thought anyway.

After printing a successful print on a couple of t-shirts we decided to pack up late in the evening and then spent a few hours researching some things on the interwebs.

It turns out that our screen mesh is possibly the wrong mesh count for the thicker ink. Which is slightly annoying as it’s what was supplied by the same people we got the kit from.

Anyway, luckily we brought a slightly more coarse mesh screen which I think is better suited to thicker inks, so we’ve emulsioned that up this evening and it’ll be dry by the morning and ready for the image exposure.

Hopefully we’ll have a bit more success printing with the white ink on it tomorrow!

Didn’t bother with my shoulder workout again this Saturday, which was slightly annoying as I wanted to get a good session in today, but then I had to prioritise the screen printing as we really need to get that sorted and get some t-shirts up for sell asap.

I’ll probably just do a full shoulder workout tomorrow and some deadlifts and leave it at that for my back workout, deadlifts usually do the trick, especially at the weights I’m doing now lol.

Phewee, sitting here quite honked tonight. Spent a few hours this evening checking out periscope and meerkat again, and I’ve got to say I much prefer periscope. Although both apps could do with updating the search facility to enable you to find more suitable video’s, but I’m sure that’ll come with time and requests.

Anyhoo, i’m off to relax in front of the tv to watch some women’s world cup footy, come on england women!!

Until next time…



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