Sweet peas, rum and coke.

So yet again today I was out in the sunshine all day on the farm, although it was cloudy an drizzled for a bit today, it didn’t provide much relief from the heat so I felt just as heat boshed by the end of the day as I did yesterday in the full sun all day.

Anyway, I planted up hundreds of sweet pea plants and was bent over or kneeling for most of the day which wasn’t great after pushing through the squats last night. My glutes were aching like hell by the afternoon.

Junk night tonight which I wasn’t looking forward to as I normally do, probably because I felt so whacked from the week. I still munched my way through some lush junk food though and a few rum n cokes too.

I read a blog post on two new video streaming apps Periscope and Meerkat tonight. Both seem pretty cool, mainly from a business point of view. Got me thinking of alsorts of ways to use it for a business idea.

I think they’ll both hit it off as I don’t recall any streaming apps on mobile like these. It certainly opens up lots or avenues for mobile video fun!

Right, nice n short tonight, need some good sleep ahead of a tshirt printing day tomorrow.

Eeeek, well excited lol.

Until next time…



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