It’s the shitty days that make the difference to your long term fitness and health.

I’ve started to realise that one of the reasons I’ve made more progress fitness wise in the last few months is that I’m lifting weights even on days I feel shit, or at least a lot more than I ever have.

Although it wasn’t very often I would miss a workout a few months ago, I would skip one if I had worked hard on the farm and felt whacked, but tonight despite feeling tired and sunscorched I sucked it up and lifted some weights.

Admittedly I didn’t do a full workout, but I did the hardest part, the squats! And I added on an extra 2 sets for a total of 7 sets on the main weight. To say I was fucked by the end is an understatement! This is what I did…

Barbell squats: 2 x 5 reps @ 72.5kg, 7 x 5 reps @ 110kg.

Strangely I was a little apprehensive starting the heavy sets as the last time I squatted this weight I got a banging headache and then took a few days off training and then rejigged my routine to what it currently is. Which is why I did 7 sets instead of the normal 5, once I got to the 5th set I wanted to prove to myself that I was stronger on them then I was 2 months ago.

And so next week being the last week before a full week off, I’m going to add another 5kg and see what happens. Fingers crossed I’m strong enough to do them, which I think I am and it would be an awesome end to this new routine cycle.

I’ve got to really be bang on with my sleep and nutrition from this Saturday for the next 9 days as all the weights across all of my workouts are now at levels I’ve never done before for 5 reps, so I’ve got to give myself the best possible chance of recovering properly from a days work on the farm and also from each workout.

I’ve no doubt I will not have any issues sleeping, like I normally don’t really, but I need to make sure I get 7.5hrs sleep every night, especially at the weekends, which have always been my crux.

Because I work hard during the week on the farm, then add in my workouts, all the work I do on the businesses (yep there’s two now) in the evenings, I like to make sure that I unwind at the weekend, but I just need to make sure I don’t go overboard for the next few weekends and actually get to bed at a decent hour.

Anyhoo, better get doing some business stuff before I go to bed and…. keep doing business stuff on the tablet pmsl, hey ho.

Until next time…



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