I’ve never heard of a farmer getting skin cancer.

Today I was planting more squash on the farm, in baking heat again too, dag nammit I love the summer, t-shirt off, guns out, sweat on again! Oh and I also pruned a few crab apple trees as they were getting a little big.

My tan is coming along nicely, well apart from my feet and upper thighs. My partner calls my feet mr potato head feet as they look so pale and white compared to my tanned legs that they look like they are stuck on! Oh well that’s what happens when you get a farmers tan lol.

One thing I’ve always said since working outdoors is that I’ll never have to buy sunscreen again. By being outdoors all year round I am able to build up a natural tan that then protects my skin from burning unlike most people who work indoors all the time.

I just wish indoor workers would take more care when exposing themselves to the sun, if they gradually let their skin out in the sun before they bared themselves in the summer months there would be far less incidences of burned skin and cases of skin cancer.

I’ve read a number of articles that explain why skin cancer from sun exposure is on the increase despite the increased use of sunscreen. And they make the connection between sunscreen usage and the increase of skin cancers.

And without wanting to sound like a conspiracist, I totally agree with them!

I’ve only been working outdoors for around 8 years, but during that time I’ve met more than enough farmers who have spent their entire lives working outdoors and none of them have had an issue with skin cancer, and none of them wear sunscreen either!

I’m not a technical person by any means, but what I understand happens with sunscreen is that when you plaster sunscreen on yourself, it absorbs the sun’s rays – like it is supposed to do. But, this technically turns the sunscreen into a nuclear reactor, as the harmful rays are sitting there waiting to do something.

But rather than just sit in the cream and then dissipate, it doesn’t and is instead leaked back into the skin in a more concentrated dose.

If you don’t wear sunscreen but gradually let you body get used to the sun, you body naturally produces a chemical that turns you skin brown which acts like a natural sunscreen and spreads the sun’s harmful rays over a much larger area and then acts like a barrier to the harmful rays.

Again like I said, I’m not technically minded so I can’t get into the scientific side of it etc, but I prefer to use common sense and simply compare the farmers to the normal folk as I call them.

It is in no way a coincidence that skin cancer in farmers is nearly non-existent and yet they rarely wear sunscreen.

Let’s also not mention that farmers never get naked and lay around in the sun tanning themselves either!

We’d rather get naked and roll around in the hay pmsl (^_^)

Anyhoo, that’s enough serious stuff for this post. I skipped tonight’s leg workout (which I’ll do tomorrow) as my partner and I spent the evening talking over things about our new business and our world domination lol.

If there’s one thing I like most about listening to lots of American podcasts and reading blogs on business it’s the positive awesomeness that oozes from them. Compared to us Brits the Americans are so fucking positive and have so much get up and go it’s almost embarrassing to admit to be a British business owner.

When I try and search for British related business inspiration it’s just so fucking hard and it takes me so long to find things. Although I have found some UK based business inspiration recently, there just seems to be far less of it, which is kind of to be expected seeing as though we’re much smaller than the US in population.

Hmmmm, maybe there’s a business idea right there! 🙂

Until next time…



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