Squash Planting, Baking in the Sun and Watching Video’s

So today is the first day of my non workout posts and I’ve got to say it feels a little weird writing a non workout post for some strange reason pmsl.

I used to happily write posts on the blog about my everyday life, just because I liked writing on the poota, but then it stopped about a year or more ago and I just stuck to writing only on workout days.

But like I said yesterday I read something by Seth Godin and it made me want to write something more often again, so I thought why not write daily, it’s not as if I’ve got an mahoosive audience that is used to 4 workout posts a week or I’m writing anything significant lol, so fuck it here it is.

I kind of agree that writing shit down kind of takes it out of your head and makes you feel better somehow. Not sure how that works but I do feel better the more I write some days.

Maybe it’s because I’ve got so much shit going around my head with regards to my day to day life and then everything that surrounds the business too, I suppose it’s good to get some of it out, regardless of what it is.

Anyway, my day on the farm today consisted of planting out the remaining squash plants and then loading the farmers market vans with plants and produce, man it was hot again today, well for a few hours anyway, top off, guns out, sweat on! Rest of the day was just warm and cloudy.

I felt really tired when I got home for some reason today, maybe the two late nights and Sunday and Mondays workouts have caught up with me lol. Either way I spent most of this evening watching t-shirt screen printing video’s, which was pretty fucking awesome.

I feel a lot better now that I’ve seen other people’s techniques and I think I’m going to give it another go on Thursday/Friday rather than wait until Sat.

Can’t get better at something if you don’t practice it!

Until next time…



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