Fruit farming, weightlifting and running a business.

Phewee the last few days have been monstrously manic.

Friday night and into the early hours of Saturday morning I worked on our new brands website.

I’ve decided to go with shopify as they not only have an easy to use system, but it translates on to tablets and mobile so well. And once I got going I couldn’t stop and from around 10 pm until 3am I plugged away and got it 75% done.

This meant that I got up late Saturday and therefore my whole day was condensed so I missed my shoulder workout and cracked on with the website and others bits for the business.

Had a fiddle with the tshirt printing kit we got the week before last, which was a steep learning curve and ended up with me giving up for the day after unsuccessfully printing a tshirt for about the 4th time.

Sunday was a normal day again with regards to going to bed at a decent hour on Saturday (12am) and getting a good night’s sleep. But then I had some social media stuff to do along with some more website work, household duties and then a workout which I wasn’t going to miss after missing Saturdays.

I decided that I would do my shoulder workout and then just some pull ups for my back. My back won’t miss the deadlifts for one week lol.

Then today, working on the farm planting courgettes and then coming home, doing a chest workout and then trying my hand at tshirt printing again capped off a manic few days.

I was much better at the printing today, but it still didn’t come out bang on, so more practice tomorrow it is!

Any hoo, that’s me done, I just wanted to get something down in writing from the last few days as I’ve made a new goal for myself to do more writing, the aim from today onwards is to write something everyday, even if it’s short.

I listen to a podcast at the weekend by Seth Godin where he said that writing things down on a daily basis can help your mind sort through things easier.

Only time will tell for me lol.

Until next time…



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