Squats, Digging Holes and Cutting Trees.

Phewee today was a tiring day. It was hot and humid on the farm, which meant it was perfect for digging holes and getting sweaty lol.

Finally finished putting up the acre of fencing and burying the bottom of it so the pesky rabbits, badgers and deer etc don’t get at our winter squash plants.

Then I had to go cut the tops off of some crab apple tree’s which we use as pollinators for our other apple tree’s. They had gotten a little tall and had started to overshadow the apple tree’s next to them, so down the tops came.

By the end of the day came I was already feeling a little pooped, it being so humid didn’t help and then I had to unload and reload a van for tomorrow’s farmers market, phew!

Got in the car to go home and whacked the aircon on straight away, aaaahhhh, lovely.

Got home and downed my creatine and beta-alanine and then put on some pre-workout spray from transdermal technology that contains caffeine amongst other things, and within 20 minutes I felt raring to go and here’s what I did tonight:


The squats were 5kg heavier than last week and I felt pretty good on them despite the days farm work. But it was the front squats that nearly killed me tonight.

I’d upped the weight to the weight I started on 5-6 weeks ago and subsequently had to back off from as the weight was too heavy for my arms.  But this time the weight felt fine so I’ve obviously got stronger in the arms holding the weight there, but my legs just felt thick and heavy and really didn’t want to keep bending and pushing back up lol.

I added another kg to the good mornings and had to cut them down to 8 reps a set as I was really starting to feel the days work on my body and my back was feeling a little tired so I didn’t want to risk anything popping.

Only did an hour on the business tonight, which I think is the least amount of time I’ve spent in an evening this year lol.

Right that’s that, off to bed I’m fecked.

Until next time…



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