Deadlifts, Ring Chin Ups and Screen Printing T-Shirts

Well today was a day for learning on all fronts, business and personal.

We prepared the screen for our first t-shirt today, spent most of yesterday preparing it and then this morning we exposed the print on it, then this afternoon we realised that we hadn’t put the print in the right place on the screen and it wouldn’t fit on the t-shirt properly, doh!

Oh well, it’s all a learning curve and we’ll know next time lol.

Then it was time for my workout and here’s what I did:

Deadlift 5,5 80kg
Deadlift 5,5,5,5,5 130kg
Deficit Deadlift 6,6,6,6 92.5kg
Parallel Ring Chin Up 10,8,7 BW
Barbell Row 8,8,8 53.5kg
Barbell Curls 8,8,8 26.5kg
Dumbbell Curls 8,8,8 10kg

Felt much better today for having two nights of decent sleep at the weekend, compared to last couple of weeks where I’ve had a late night or two.

I deliberately made sure I kept my hips lower on the deadlift today as I realised the last few weeks that my slight back ache had been due to having them too high and it made all the difference today, no ache at all after my workout, so that’s good!

Wasn’t tempted to do any extra reps etc today, did up the weight a little on the deads and barbell rows though.

Once I was done I was happy to sit down and sit on the laptop setting up a basic webpage for the new business and various other things that needed doing.

Which I guess is as good a time to mention that if it’s not obvious now as I put the picture of this blog post as the first print we’re doing lol. But we’ve decided to create a brand called Bad Panda Clothing. And to begin with we’re sticking with t-shirts, made from bamboo and organic cotton and the aim is to have a complete clothing line in the future.

I won’t say any more as if you’re interested at all you can go visit the website

And that’s me done for the evening, I’ve set myself a goal of going to bed by 10:45pm every evening this coming 2 weeks, as I’ve been a bit lax of late and I need to make sure my recovery is as good as it can be these coming 2 weeks as my workouts are going to be upped.

Right’O, until next time.



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