Barbell Squats, Good Mornings and My Brains Going to Explode!

Well today was a tiring day on the farm. Not because I had to work particularly hard, because I didn’t, but more because I generally feel a bit pooped come Wednesday seeing as though I’ve only had 1 day off from 4 working out after doing workouts on Sat, Sun and Mon.

Although I’ve deliberately planned my workouts for these days it just means I have to put up with being pooped on Weds and Thurs.

Normally Tuesday I’m fine, but by Wednesday afternoon I’m starting to lag and by now after a few hours from finishing my Weds workout I’m feeling really whacked.

Oh well, I’ll be alright after some zma and a good night’s sleep, just need to stop feeling so excited about our new business venture and be more mature and organised about it lol.

I listen to a number of american podcasts and I can’t help but feel soooo fecking motivated afterwards. If there’s one thing I really like about the americans it’s there seemingly endless positivism..

By the time I get home from the farm work where I’ve been listening to a few podcasts my mind is full of ideas and although I write most of them down in Evernote, I still have idea’s running around my head for our new business venture, which is great, but it also means I can’t focus for very long pmsl.

Which is where my workouts really help out, because once I’ve whacked myself with some heavy weights I go the complete opposite and can’t think of much else other than where’s the peanut butter when is bedtime lol.

Anyhoo, here’s today’s leg workout:

Barbell Squat 5,5 70kg
Barbell Squat 5,5,5,5,8 100kg
Barbell Front Squat 6,6,6,6 60kg
Barbell Good Mornings 10,10,10,10 53.5kg
Barbell Calf Raises 20 53.5kg

Felt great on the squats last week so I missed a few weight increases and jumped straight to 100kg today.

Felt pretty good so will add another 5kg next week with the aim of hitting 110kg the week after, which is the weight that I felt like shit on about a month ago, so that should be interesting.

Felt so good I did an extra few reps on the last set of squats, but didn’t bother on front squats as my quads were starting to burn, good mornings felt good although I can add another kg to the bar next week as I did this week but couldn’t really feel any difference today.

I’ve decided to change my workouts for the next few weeks a little and go really hard on them as I’ve got a week off the farm work and I’m going to take a rest or deload week where I’ll simply do lightweight workouts.

So I’m going to add 5kg to each main lift for the next few weeks rather than the usual 2.5kg. I’ve just got to make sure my nutrition and recover are bang on, which I know they will be as I’m good at focusing like this for a few weeks, it’s just when it turns into months that I fail lol.

I’ve also decided to not take any measurements until the end of these next 2 weeks, I’m just going to workout hard and eat more than I have been.

I’ve upped my workout day calories to 3100 and my non-workout day calories to 2800, which is mostly carbs, but there are some extra fats in there and protein too, but it’s mainly carbs as I need the energy during the day to work on the farm, and it helps with having energy left to do my workouts in the evenings too.

So we’ll see how that all effects my body shape and general strength levels in two and a bit weeks time, and if all goes to plan, or probably even if it doesn’t it’s Wimbledon time which means PIMMS O’CLOCK!! And strawberries and cream of course, mmmmmm I can’t fucking wait.

Dag nammit I’m so manly!

Until next time…



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