Barbell Bench Press, Dumbbell Flyes and Sun Scorched Shoulders

Today was another gloriously sunny and hot day on the farm. I spent the whole day out in the fields fixing up acres of fencing. It’s the time of year on the farm to be planting out hundreds of squash and courgette plants and the fences that surround them to keep the rabbits, badgers, foxes and deer out needed a little tlc.

I had my top off completely for half of the day then put my t-shirt back on for the afternoon as my shoulders started feeling a little tender lol.

I think I also drank the most water in a work day that I have ever drunk, I have a 730ml bottle that I use and I filled it 3 times. So on top of the 800ml of milk I drink a day, along with a few cups of tea and a few pints of squash, I think I drank around 4 litres of liquid today, no wonder I was peeing for britain!

Anyhoo, today was a chest workout which was as follows:

Flat Bench Press 5,5 55kg
Flat Bench Press 5,5,5,5,5 82.5kg
Incline Bench Press 5,5,5,5,8 67.5kg
Dumbbell Flye 8,8 18.5kg
Dumbbell Flye 8,8 16kg

Even though I added a few extra kg’s I felt strong on them, which is good. I did lower the first two warm up sets though as they felt a little heavy last week. I also added 1kg to the flyes but dropped the reps by 2 on each set, as I know from a few months back that once I get closer to 19.5kg that after about 8 reps I feel the movement in my arms more than my chest.

It shouldn’t take me too long to work up to not feeling it in my chest when I get to that weight again, but I’m taking it a little slower this time around, making sure my eating stays on point and my recovery during the week is bang on.

Which reminds me. So far so good on the nutrition side of things. I’m around 250 calories each day over what I was eating previously and it seems to be really helping with my energy levels during the day and best of all I’m not feeling so whacked from my workouts.

My waist is still at 34 inches so that hasn’t gone down in the last few weeks, which means my fat levels are pretty much being maintained.

So I’m going to keep at this calorie level for another week along with maintaining the intensity of these new workouts and I’ll see where I’m at then, as I want to take a little step back next week, and then I’m going to up all weights in my workouts by a notch for 2 weeks and then take a complete week off as I’ve managed to get a week off work, which I’m hoping can be used to officially launch our new product range (which I’ll then also reveal on this blog, oooh the excitement lol), well that’s the plan anyway, so we’ll see.

Until next time…



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