Barbell Squats, Barbell Front Squats and Using Weight Lifting to Keep Me Out of Prison!

Well today was quite possibly my best weights workout of the year so far, and yet probably my worst day at work on the farm, ever.

I’ve always been someone who can keep his emotions in check, I am able to channel any anger etc into projects or activities. And last year I became especially good at channeling any frustrations with people into my weight lifting, and I would normally finish my workout feeling a lot more relaxed and at ease with the frustration.

Well today that was tested to the absolute max, and yet it still worked lol.

I work for what I will only say as someone who lacks any decent organisational and people skills. If you met this person socially and got to know them, you would think they would not be capable of running a business, and yet they do, and I fucking work for them!

Anyway. I have become quite skillful at generally ignoring this person’s ineptitudes and have been able to get on with my job pretty much the way I want to, and I was able to do this today, but yet inside I was fuming.

I’m not going to be unprofessional and mention names or where I work etc, but suffice to say when I got home I just got changed straight away as I was a little late leaving, and then went straight for it with my leg work, and this is what I did.

Barbell Squat 5,5 70kg
Barbell Squat 5,5,5,5,10 95kg
Barbell Front Squat 6,6,6,10 57.5kg
Barbell Good Mornings 10,10,10,10 52.5kg
Barbell Calf Raises 20 52.5kg

So I set about doing the warm up sets and then kicked into the main 5 x 5 squats, got to the last set of 5 and like last week I thought I’d go for a max out of 10 reps, and when I finished I felt bloody great, I felt like I still had another 10 reps left in me.I had upped the weights a little from last week, and whilst I know I can do this weight new weight as I was heavier than this in my last routine, last weeks weight was still challenging.

Although I didn’t do them, as I know from experience that despite feeling great, that it’s very easy to over do it and then pay for it the next few days with severe DOMS lol.

I also know I could’ve done that weight for 20 reps, as that would’ve been what’s called a widowmaker set and last year I managed to get up to 97.5kg for 20 reps, but anyway, I listened to my head when it was saying, this is great but stop here lol.

Then I started my rest period which is normally 4 minutes after squats and unracked all the weights off the barbell and got the weight ready for front squats. It was only about 2 minutes into the rest period and I felt full recovered from the squats and raring to go.

So I went for it with the front squats and I felt so tight and strong with them that I blasted through the first 3 sets with ease and with about 30 seconds less rest between each set.

I then decided to go for it on the last set, and managed to blast out 10 reps, beating last week by 2 reps, with the addition of 2.5kg extra weight too.

Using the extra energy that I seemed to have I unracked all weights, and then set up the barbell good morning weights, and again it was about 2 minutes into the rest period and I decided to go for it again.

And as soon as I started them I felt great again so upped the reps to 10 instead of 8, and blasted through each set with just about 30 seconds rest inbetween each set.

Even by the time I got to the last set, I felt great, so I whacked out 20 calf raises with the same weight on my shoulders lol.

Once I had put away all weights and tidied up the rest of the stuff I used during the workout, I sat on one of my benches and just took it in, I still felt amazing, the buzz of the workout was pumping around my veins and I felt fucking great!

Thinking back over the workout, I’m pretty sure most of the energy was adrenaline, as around the 2nd set of squats I had started to recall all the times this person at my work place had wound me up and I think that I was able to channel it into energy that then made me pumped as hell during the workout.

I’m sat here the next morning after my workout, and I was expecting to feel tired but yet I don’t, but I will expect to start feeling some DOMS late this afternoon at work and tomorrow morning, but we’ll see.

It could of course just be that my body has accumulated all the last few weeks workouts and it is now fitter and stronger and this was the first workout that I really felt it.

But it didn’t feel like that, it felt like something more, maybe to do with supplements that I started taking at the beginning of this week (creatine & beta-alanine which I’ll talk about on another post) but then I’ve taken them before and they took a few weeks to start kicking in, and when they did today’s results weren’t what I got from them lol.

Hey ho, I’ll take it, it was an epic workout and I still feel great, I shouldn’t knock it as that is the main purpose of lifting weights really, getting stronger and fitter, it just doesn’t normally show this kind of dramatic results lol

Until next time…



One thought on “Barbell Squats, Barbell Front Squats and Using Weight Lifting to Keep Me Out of Prison!

  1. IronHarshaw 05/06/2015 / 9:12 am

    Great post man! Way to keep it together and press it out on the weights!

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