Bench Press, Flyes and It’s Cold for June on the Farm.

Well today was possibly the coldest I’ve known it for years on the 1st June at the farm. It was pouring with rain and high winds for most of the day, but worse of all was the cold the wind brought with it.

Not great for the fruit on the tree’s but as long as it’s only a day or two it should all be ok, but it does put a dampener on the summer feeling which I’d normally expect to be having in June.

It’s funny how working with the seasons makes me really appreciate the summer months in the UK. We’re not renowned for our great weather, but our summers can be pretty good normally, well when you’re working outdoors they can be, anything over 15 degrees for a prolonged period is a good period of weather in the UK for me lol.

Anyhoo, nothing business related to talk about today other than still working on t-shirt designs, so here’s what my workout was last night:

Flat Bench Press 5,5 60kg
Flat Bench Press 5,5,5,5,5 80kg
Incline Bench Press 5,5,5,5,8 65kg
Dumbbell Flye 10,10 17.5kg
Dumbbell Flye 10,10 15kg

I dropped the weight on the bench press by a few kg’s tonight as I felt whacked from the lack of sleep from the weekend. Whilst I felt fine working on the farm most of the day, as the last few hours came and it was time to go home I could feel my body starting to wind down, and just couldn’t get it energised again for my workout.

I started the first set of bench presses with a few kg’s more, but I knew by the last rep of 5 that I wasn’t going to be doing another 4 sets lol, so I reduced the weight a little and felt better.

It’s my own fault for going to bed later every night over the weekend, but it had to be done to get all the business stuff done.

Hey ho, rest day today workoutwise, just got to load up to vans at work with shed loads of plants lol.

Until next time…



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