Deadlifts, Chin Ups, Yet More Business Work And Not All Workouts Can Be Great!

So today was like yesterday, which was like Friday. Well not quite like Friday as I didn’t have to work on the farm today, but I did work on yet more t-shirt designs today, plus some social media stuff, plus some website stuff, plus some accounting stuff, plus I got a great back workout in, plus I went food shopping for the week, holy shit I’ve been busy today lol

Anyhoo, got to keep it short tonight as I need a decent nights sleep for work on the farm tomorrow, so here’s my workout for today:

Deadlift 5,5 77.5kg
Deadlift 5,5,5,5,5 127.5kg
Deficit Deadlift 6,6,6,6 90kg
Parallel Ring Chin Up 10,7,7 BW
Barbell Row 8,8,8 51.5kg

Deadlifts were well hard today, like most weeks really, but they seem extra hard today as I was sat down for most of the afternoon before starting my workout.

I usually get up and do 20 jumping squats and 25 push ups to get the bloody pumping around my body after being sat for a length of time, but not even that woke my brain up properly before my workout, so I just got on with it, plowed through it and got it all down.

There’s nothing special about workouts like today’s, and a lot of workouts are like this, you just get it done and get on with other things.

I’ve found the generally I have one great workout a week, one pretty good workout, one ok workout and one not so good workout. And it’s funny looking back over the years at all my workouts and pretty much every week is exactly the same for me, but it’s taken me until the last year or so to realise this.

Only by realising that the not so good, the ok and the pretty good workouts set me up to have the great workouts, did I begin to make progress in my lifting. Just being consistent regardless of how I felt going into the workout, during it or after it, as long as I did the workout I would consistently have a great workout once a week.

And I think a lot of people forget this. They think that all workouts are going to be great and if they’re not then they’ve done something wrong.

But remember that unless you eating, sleeping, recovery etc etc is all bang on then every workout can’t be great, well at least I don’t think it can.

And in case you’re wondering what I would call a great workout, it’s one where you feel full of energy before it, during it and after it, and you get a few extra reps during a set on the main lifts, plus you felt like you had more left in the tank.

Those kind of workouts, for me anyway, only seem to happen once a week at the most, and like I said, it took me until about a year ago to realise this and to stop beating myself up.

Just getting on with the workout, doing all the reps and sets I needed to, feeling tired after the workout, those are all normal workout days for me, but it’s all those normal workout days that set me up for the great workout days.

But I didn’t have one today. And that’s partly down to not getting enough sleep on Friday and last night, nor being bang on with my eating, I missed a meal yesterday and this morning as I slept in because I felt tired.

Hence why I’m off to bed after stuffing a nice sirloin steak down my neck about an hour ago, full stomach, aching muscles, tired brain, yup I’m going to sleep well tonight!

Until next time…



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