Push Press, Side Raises and T-shirt designs.

Well the last couple of weeks have whizzed by and my new lifting and eating routine is definitely working as I wanted it to.

I’ve been feeling far less tired and lethargic when working on the farm the last couple of weeks which is great as it means I kind of know what I’m doing pmsl.

Reducing my workouts by around half during the week has most definitely helped with not feeling whacked all week and then along with the slightly increased food intake I’ve not had the mid afternoon lethargy which is an amazing feeling really, something that I can’t believe I didn’t try to resolve until recently.

Anyhoo, here’s today’s workout and a photo:

Barbell Rear Delt Rows
Barbell Rear Delt Rows


Push Press 5,5 35kg
Push Press 5,5,5,5,5 58.5kg
Seated Dumbbell Press 6,6 21kg
Seated Dumbbell Press 6,8 18.5kg
Barbell Rear Delt Row 8,8,8 46.5kg
Dumbbell Side Raise 8,8,8, 10kg
Barbell Shrugs 8,8,8 90kg

I’ve not cut anything off my shoulder workout as it’s at the weekend when I have more time to lift weights than during the week, although I have dropped a set off each accessory movement, it’s not that different.

I felt much better after today’s workout for cutting those few sets off, it meant I finished not feeling totally whacked, which is obviously a good thing as I’m supposed to be building my body not destroying it!

I spent most of the this morning and evening after my lifting session working on the business and something very exciting too, that being t-shirt designs!

If I haven’t said previously the small business I run is clothing based, or specifically activewear. Until recently we’ve only ever sold other companies brands, and whilst we’ve always dreamt of having our own brand it’s just not something we’ve been able to do, however, something changed a few months or so ago and I’ve been working on t-shirt designs ever since.

I came across a podcast on stitcher called Foundr (click on the name to be taken to it) and I listened to one of the episodes, and then I was hooked. It’s by a guy who interviews world wide business owners or people who have owned businesses previously and it’s just full of amazing information.

I’ve been listening to a few episodes every day since I found it, and it’s really transformed my outlook on the business.

It’s been great for ideas and inspiration on how I can grow the business and the direction I can take it, it’s really opened my eyes to what kind of resources are out there.

And because of it I decided to start our own brand!

To begin with we’re going to start with t-shirts, but they’re not just any kind of t-shirts, they’re going to be very special t-shirts, but I won’t say why until we’ve launched them officially.

Our aim is to eventually have an entire activewear range of clothing, firstly because we’re pissed off not finding the type of clothing we want, but also because the companies that are making the kind of clothing we want, are not doing it the way we think it should be done, so we’ve decided to do it ourselves and do it the way we think it should be done.

Obviously we’ve got to start small and it’s been an incredibly difficult journey just getting started, but we’re off and we’ve got lots of momentum and are riding the wave as it were right now, we’re full of ideas and because we’re really having to do things on a budget it’s making us think about things from a different perspective.

If there is one thing I’ve realised by listening, reading and watching the things I have the last year or so (business related) it’s that the internet is making things more transparent and I personally think that’s a great thing.

It will hopefully force companies to be more open and honest about their products and the whole process, because if they aren’t, then they’ll get found out and people will stop buying from them, hopefully.

People over Profit
People over Profit

A person and his work that has highly influenced my thinking of late is a guy called Dale Partridge. I highly recommend that anyone who is mildly interested in how we can make the corporate world a more transparent and ethical place read a book called ‘People over Profit’ and look at Dale’s work. It really is has been eye opening and thought provoking for me.

Anyhoo, I’ve gone on for long enough tonight, it’s 11pm and I still need to finish a couple of small things before I think about going to bed after another 14hr day on the business.

Not that I’m bragging, because I’ve learnt better than that, just putting it out there.

Running a business isn’t easy, especially when you’ve got to fund it with a day job too, but if it’s something you believe in and you believe it will make a difference, then you’ll make it work, somehow, someway and you won’t stop until you have.

Until next time…



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