Squats, Good Mornings and Sunburn

Today was beautiful and sunny on the farm and I made the stupid mistake of thinking that I could get away with wearing a vest top without getting sunburnt, instead of gradually exposing my skin like I normally do.

I wasn’t expecting to be stood in one place potting up plants. I thought I was going to be moving around in which case it wouldn’t have mattered what I was wearing, but nope, I was stood in one spot planting up little plants into bigger pots (we do kitchen garden plants too).

So by the time it got to time to go home I was a little sun burnt, but thankfully as I had guzzled 3+ litres of water during the day and whacked a lot of coconut moisturizer on sat here this evening it doesn’t hurt at all.

Which is good as I had squats this evening too, and I doubt I would’ve been able to rest the barbell on my upper back if I’d had sun burnt shoulders lol.

Anyhoo, here’s what my workout was this evening:

Barbell Squat 5,5 62.5kg
Barbell Squat 5,5,5,5,10 92.5kg
Barbell Front Squat 6,6,6,8 55kg
Barbell Good Mornings 8,8,8,8 52.5kg

Today felt great on the squats, so I did extra reps on the last sets, got to 10 on the main squat and I started feeling tired so stopped before my form deteriorated.

Same on the front squats, I got to 8 and stopped as I felt my form deteriorating.

I’m going to do this on all workouts for a while, last set max out, see how it feels.

I’ve been feeling a lot better after dropping the weight of the squats 5 x 5 last week. I think I had tried to lift too much too soon a few weeks back, and also didn’t take into how much the farm works whacks me, and I was getting even more whacked the evening and few days after the squat session.

So dropping the weight back has enabled me to refocus and work my way back up again, but this time I’ll probably take a little longer getting to 110kg than I did last time.

I think that now I’ve reduced the accessory work throughout each workout I’ll be ok doing the heavier main lifts, but I’m going to be a little more sensible about it and take my time in working my way up to the heavier weights, rather than skipping a few weight levels like last time and going straight to heavy.

I know that I can lift heavier than I am now, but not for 5 reps of 5 sets and after a hard day on the farm. So I’ve got to keep my ego in check and only if I have an easy few days on the farm will I even consider going heavier, which at this time of year will hardly ever happen.

And I’ve only got to listen to my body to realise that having the reduced workouts and eating a little more carbs is really good for me. I’ve not felt whacked the last 2 weeks at all, which is a massive changed compared to a month or so ago when there was probably only 1 day a week when I wasn’t feel whacked, and obviously this caught up with me eventually.

Last week and this week so far I have felt great every day, my eating has been keeping me full of energy throughout the day and my workouts have given me a little DOMS here and there, but after warming up on the farm I’ve felt fine the remainder of the day.

Hey ho, you live and learn, or at least you’re supposed to and thankfully I did lol

Until next time…



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