Shoulder and Chest workout this weekend and lots of business stuff.

A short one tonight as I’ve still got a couple of business things to sort out before I retire a book for the evening, well I say book, a magazine actually, specifically a sports car magazine. I’m putting together an inspiration board which I’m going to fill up with luxury items that I will own one day, and one of them is a nice sports car!

Anyhoo, couldn’t be arsed to write about my workouts this weekend, suffice to say yesterdays shoulder workout was good, well the best yet in this new routine actually and todays chest workout was pretty good too, but i can’t be arsed to write much more about them as I’ve been writing stuff on the business website and doing some accounting and my hands ache lol.

Didn’t do a weigh in and measure last week, wanted to leave it until tomorrow, but I’m hopeful that my new routine has created some growth and my new eating plan has kick started some fat loss around my stomach, we’ll see tomorrow.

Been reading a lot about goal setting and building a big business rather than a small one. Rather than focusing on a small business to provide for just me and my family, I want to build a big business that does that and can help other people too, but it’s difficult to think so big that it becomes almost unbelievable.

The more I read about big business rather than small business the more it helps though, so I’m off to read some more.

Until next time…



3 thoughts on “Shoulder and Chest workout this weekend and lots of business stuff.

  1. IronHarshaw 18/05/2015 / 6:59 pm

    Hey man, hope your training is going well!

    • WeeManMike 24/05/2015 / 4:25 pm

      Hey, yeah it’s being a bit on and off recently, but I’ve had a rejig of some stuff and back on it now, thanks for asking fella! 🙂

      • IronHarshaw 24/05/2015 / 8:27 pm

        Good to hear man. I had a month off myself. Back at it now for the last few weeks though.

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