Shoulders and Chest Day – Push Press and Barbell Bench Press

Didn’t log my shoulder workout yesterday, didn’t feel like turning the laptop on till late in the evening and by then I’d had a few rum n cokes and didn’t feel like writing, plus my brain was a bit frazzled after me and my partner had spent a few hours talking about our future.

Anyhoo, before I get to that here’s my workouts from yesterday and today:

Exercise Reps Weight
Push Press 5,5 37.5kg
Push Press 5,5,5,5,5 52.5kg
Seated Dumbbell Press 6,6 20kg
Seated Dumbbell Press 6,6 17.5kg
Front Dumbbell Raise 10,10,10,10 7.5kg
Dumbbell Side Raise 10,10 10kg
Dumbbell Side Raise 10,10 7.5kg
Barbell Shrugs 5,5,5,5,5 105kg

Stuck an extra 2.5kg on the push press main sets and they felt good, so will add another 2.5kg again next week.

Still feeling a little unbalanced on the seated dumbbell presses, so will keep the weight the same on them, and the front and side raises were just as tough as last week so again I’ll keep them the same. I had to go for a mixed grip on the shrugs as my grip was just not existent after the first set.

So on to todays chest and tri’s workout:

Exercise Reps Weight
Flat Bench Press 5,5 47.5kg
Flat Bench Press 5,5,5,5,5 72.5kg
Incline Bench Press 5,5,5,5,5 55kg
Dumbbell Flye 10,10,10,10 16kg
Weighted Ring Dips 8,8 2.5kg
Weighted Ring Dips 6,6 2.5kg
Dumbbell Pullover 10,10,10,10 12.5kg

The main sets of flat bench felt pretty heavy today, but I managed to push through them all, literally. Will add 2.5kg next week and we’ll see how that feels.

Incline bench felt good, but will add another 5kg next week as it still felt a little light even after the flat benches.

Flyes were a bitch on my chest as always, felt it in the middle again, buuuuurn.

On ring dips I stuck to the same reps as last week as my arms seem to be fecked after the bench presses, and it was the same this week, just got the last few reps on the last set.

I added 2.5kg to the pullovers and man I regretted it lol, they killed my triceps.

So that’s the 2nd week of my new routine down and I’m really enjoying it, feeling much better energy wise during my day job and even though I’ve taken a drop down in weight, the new rep and set ranges are proving more than taxing enough to keep my feeling like I’m shifting some decent weight over each workout.

I’ve slowly increased my calories by a few hundred each day as well the last few weeks with the hope it kick starts my waist losing some fat and gaining some size in ma muscles. We’ll see tomorrow as it’s my 2nd weigh in and measure and last weeks were positive so fingers crossed.

Right, well my partner and I have been discussing moving back to our home town as we call it, where we met and spent most of our lives. We’ve mulled over it for about a year now but not really given it much thought as we wanted to try and settle where we are.

But something keeps drawing our minds back to our old town and when we’ve been back to see friends it was really nice to see the old places again.

We’ve been looking for new jobs here but nothing has come up as yet, and although we could just take any job, the wages are just not here. We know that there are more jobs in and around our old town and the wages are that much better that it would enable us to use the extra cash on the business, not to mention we’ve thought of some new ideas for the business that would work in our old town.

So we’ve worked out a budget we need to move and sustain us for a few months whilst we work temp jobs and look for something full time and so we’re now working towards moving! I think it’s going to be towards the end of the year or even this time next year, as being on the wage we’re on now and maintaining the business will take most of our cash.

We’re still going to keep looking for a higher paid job here, as it’ll help us move quicker, but I have my doubts anything will come up, but we’ll see.

Anyhoo, I’m off to watch a filum and mung out, my brain needs a rest.

Until next time…



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