Not wanting to exercise is completely mental and not physical.

So I’ve finally finished all the business stuff over the last 2-3 weeks which is great as I’m knackered, mentally.

It’s probably been my worst few weeks exercise wise for a good 12-18 months. Although I’ve got 2 pr’s on squats during that time, thats it, I’ve not done any other workouts, not because I’ve not wanted to, but because I’ve been mentally drained every night.

Working on the farm for 8 hours a day is easy as is coming home and then lifting some heavy weights for an hour, but swap the weights for sitting on my butt and working on the poota for 3-4hrs and that easy turns into a fucking nightmare!

I’ve had trouble sleeping, I’ve been irritable, I’ve been lazy and most of all I’ve just not been me lol.

A few times I’ve thought to myself that I should do some basic exercise when I get home from the farm, but then my stupid little mind talked me out of it and persuaded me to just get on with the business stuff.

Having experienced the last few weeks I can most definitely say that exercising is 100% mental.

Physically I’ve been full of energy and strength and in fact the break has probably done me good, but mentally I’ve been all over the place. I’ve had so much running around my brain that it felt like it was going to explode at times and by bedtime I felt like someone has syringed my mind out of my head, and yet I couldn’t sleep lol.

Oh well, the new spring/summer range of clothing has been photographed and is up on the website, our old stock is for sale on the website and ebay, our new advertising campaigns are up and running, the accounting is up to date nearly and the budget has been set for the next few months.

So yeah, I’ve been a little busy in the evenings and weekends pmsl, but it’s done now and now I can focus back on my fitness. One things for sure though I won’t let all the business stuff build up again, I was stupid to not do anything for a few weeks and then I realised I had more work to do on the new stock and also realised I hadn’t done any accounting for a little while it just made sense to get my head down and do it all!

I have had the chance to relook at my workouts and I’ve decided to back off a little with the weights and also change the workouts a little too.

I’m going to back off to about 70% of my max for the main lifts and going to keep the reps a little lower than before, with the aim of adding weight to the bar every week too, and I’ve changed the accessory movements a little as well. All of which will hopefully have the aim of me not being so whacked for work on the farm with the addition of building some size and strength and getting leaner.

I’ve also added some extra calories from carbs into my diet as I think I was a little low still, even though I upped them slightly at the beginning of the year, I didn’t see as much improvement from recovery or muscle gain as I’d hoped, so with these few tweaks to the exercises and food I’m hoping that this changes, only time will tell!

Right, that’s me until Sunday, I’m off for an easter treat of going to watch my footy team live gaain, Manchester United, wahooooo bring it on baby!!

Until next time…



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